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Venus rules over two zodiac signs—Taurus and Libra and thereby two astrological houses-second house related to Taurus and seventh related to Libra. It not only bestows the peculiar traits of its nature and personality to both these houses and their residents, but also influences other planets that pass through them or stay over there for a certain period of time. This is not to suggest that Venus so powerful that it remains immune to the influence radiated by other planets. It is also influenced.

This issue of interplanetary influences may appear bit confusing to laypeople. But we have seen the effect of Sun and Moon over each other during solar and lunar eclipses.

We have also heard about the gravitational pulls of planets upon each other and also the changes that take place when two planets come close to each other in course of the orbital movements.

Astrology Horoscope VenusAll of us experience ups and downs in our mental, spiritual, financial, social and physical conditions. Sometimes, the changes appear a bit out of sync with out normal life and circumstances.

Ask an astrologer or a psychic and you will be told that such and such planet is currently passing through the house of your zodiac sign and is probably casting its influence upon you. Or, may be your ruling planet is currently being influenced by another planet passing through your sun sign’s house.
How much influence a planet casts over another planet depends upon the power of the other planet at the time they interact with each other.
The leading traits of nature and personality of Venus are its passion and intensity in its pursuit of love and beauty. Passion and intensity are the keywords that underline the attitude of Venus subjects in whatever they do or whatever way they live.

This explains why Venus subjects are passionate and intense lovers, friends, spouses, siblings, parents and partners. They are very hardworking, patient, sincere, warmhearted and reliable in their relationships. They wholeheartedly devote themselves to whatever they choose to do, whether it be a vocation, business or any other pursuit.
At the same time, Venus subjects also demand the same level of commitment, passion and intensity from those they interact or partner with. The truth is that Venus natives infect people with their intensity and passion.
Those who enter into the house of Venus subjects, or come into close contact with them when Venus visits them, cannot remain impervious to the contagiousness of these traits.

But the same traits of intensity and passion also lend negativity to the nature and character of Venus natives. Once they sense a lack of same level of response or commitment from their partners, they become intensely jealous, unforgiving and even revengeful. They tend to break up their relationships for ever and never think of making them up again.

They are generally uncompromising in their attitude and perspectives. So, those who wish to enter into relationship with Venus people should always remain careful and avoid relaying any wrong signals in their day-to-day dealing and interactions. Breach of trust is one thing Venus subjects resent most.

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