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The Sun

The most positive, powerful and bright traits of human nature and personality such as courage, aggressiveness, initiative, leadership, masculinity, drive, passion, warmth, light, pride, vitality, celebration, rejuvenation,  intellectual brilliance, optimism, brightness,  nobility, generosity, self-confidence and nobility are bestowed by Sun.

Sun shine is considered a symbol of peace, happiness, prosperity and blessing. It is considered the greatest and the only source of life and happiness when skies go grey and dark in human life and make it sad, gloomy and unlivable.
Sun brings relief, rest, zest, joy and fun to all the living beings on earth and that is why we consider Sunday as the most awaited and the best day of the week.

The position and movement of Sun powerfully influences all the twelve houses of the zodiac signs. According to Astrology, each zodiac sign has its own house starting with Aries which has the first house. It is followed by Taurus which owns the Second house, Gemini, the Third, Cancer the Fourth, Leo, the Fifth, Virgo the Sixth, Libra the Seventh, Scorpio the Eighth, Sagittarius the Ninth, Capricorn the Tenth, Aquarius the Eleventh, and Pisces the Twelfth.
We know in the practical world, each house represents the essential characteristics and traditions of the main personality or the owner of the house. Thus we say, this house is the abode of great warrior or that house is the abode of great businessman, politician, sports person and so on. The main personality of the house lends its aura to the house, its environment or surroundings.

For example, the house of a warrior is decorated with military weapons, gun and swords, that of a sportsperson abounds in  shields and trophies, that of a holy person has pictures and idols of saints and gods, that of film  lover may have the photos of their favorite stars, that of the musician may have musical instruments and so on.
In the same way each astrological house displays the prominent traits of its resident zodiac sign. Since the planets keep moving, they pass through the houses of the zodiac signs. Sometimes, two planets may come across each other in the same house at the same time. It may happen that a planet may enter a house while another one may already be there.
Since each planet has its own individual traits of personality, they naturally radiate them in the house they visit. In other words, they charge the house with their own typical power. The influence of the traits of the personality of   the more powerful planet overbears those of the weaker one.
Since Sun is the most powerful planet in the entire zodiac system, it shows its influence in visible manner when it enters the houses of various zodiac signs. This explains why and how each one of the zodiac signs experiences the traits of Sun personality at one or the other phase of their life.

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