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The Moon

Astrology Horoscope The MoonIt logically follows that Moon and Sun traits complete a human personality. In other words, a human being may appear a bit bizarre, unnatural, inconsistent and intolerable if it does not contain the characteristics of both the planets. Imagine a human being without love, compassion or kindness! Imagine a Leo personality not feeling sad at the death of their kids or other loved ones!
It should also be noted that Moon is the most agile and fast moving planet in the solar system. It can almost be seen waning or waxing every minute or moving on its path if we look at it closely for sometime.
It completes its round of the Zodiac in about 28 days. It means that it stays approximately for two and a half days in the house of each Sun sign. In other words, each sign experiences the Moon traits almost for two, three days each month. This is not to suggest that we feel Moon traits on any fixed two-three days of the month.

It only means that each human being experiences feminine traits in various phases of their life. The truth is that each one of us experiences the traits of Moon personality at one or the other time almost daily in our life. Moon is as much prevalent, omnipresent in our existence as much as the Sun is. In fact, it dominates our life almost for twelve hours every day through its varying phases.

If Moon represents feminine traits, it does not mean its influence remains weak or intangible all the time. As mentioned above, it exerts maximum pull when it is closed to our earth or our lives. In that event, its pull may transform the calm waves of ocean into tumultuous and choppy tides. It wields the same influence on our moods, feelings, emotions and sentiments.

It drives us to hysterical ecstasy or unbearable lunacy in our relationships. It   makes us sad or moody, elated or exalted. A moon-lit night presents a heavenly scene of romance and love; melancholy or depression depending upon whether you are with or without your loved one on your side.

Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer whose animal sign is crab. Cancer subjects are often moony, emotional, hypersensitive, intuitive, extremely careful and cautious in their personal and business relationships. They are homely people and love to stay closer to their homes, families and kids. They cannot bear to face extreme situations. They tend to make them nervous and lose their mental balance. It is generally difficult to keep a Cancer subject under control in tense situations.

But since Cancers are emotional, sensitive and imaginative people, they become successful artists, poets, dramatists, musicians and literary critics. They have very keen eyes and ears for minute details and can find faults or good points in every situation or event  that are generally not visible to common people. They are by and large very generous, kind, compassionate and empathic people.

Cancer people do not need any elaborate explanation for understanding a problem. They can enter into its core and put their finger exactly at the ailing spot. This quality points to their highly imaginative and sensitive nature.

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