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Astrology Horoscope SaturnSaturn represents a famous feature that is the rings around it. They stand for the need of discipline, responsibility, respect for hierarchy and conformity to established social principles as against anarchy and lawlessness. It means that a person can make progress when there is peace and harmony in the society and this is what Saturn with its rings ensures.
Saturn takes around 30 years to complete its orbit around the sun. Going by this time, it stays approximately about two and a half years in each house of the zodiac.

The time taken by Saturn’s orbit is considered an important event in astrology. It is called Saturn Return/Return of Saturn. It is believed that after about 30 years’ period, Saturn returns to its exact position or degree in the orbit that it held at the time of the birth of a person. This is really an eventful occurrence in the life of its subjects.
It means that Saturn radiates its influence on the nature and life of a person exactly as it did when the person was born, but the nature of influence may be radically different this time. It may lend new, startlingly different traits to the personality of the subject.
Since 30 years is a long period in the life of a person, it means like entering a new phase of life. People often undergo vital lifestyle changes in respect of their thoughts, emotions, perspectives and physical responses after a period of thirty years.

The person is almost transformed into a new personality, altogether indistinguishable from the one thirty years back. This kind of sea-change may take place because of Saturn’s Return.
Saturn’s Return helps in the evolution or the maturation of a person, generally for good, but it may, sometimes, be for bad as well. What matters is the change, a metamorphosis when a person enters into a new phase of life. Saturn’s return may roughly occur at the age of 28-30, 58-60 or 88-90 years.

Again, by the time, Saturn returns for the third time in the life of a person, he/she may have become old, wizened with age. Just rake up a photograph from somewhere in the old forgotten ‘archives’ of the house and show it to their grandchild and wait for their reaction! Only a very lucky few in the world can experience the fourth return of Saturn.
Saturn was known as Chronos in Greek mythology.  Chromos was regarded as a god of time. This image is quite in line with an old, wrinkled farmer holding scythe in his hand working hard to earn his living on the farm.

Saturn, therefore, is held as a symbol of an Old Man or the Father of Zodiac pointing the Finger of God on the people on earth warning them that they should not transgress their limitations if they do not want to be punished.

Saturn’s warnings are coming true in view of the environmental changes taking place for the worse due to excessive liberties being taken with it. Or, how people are suffering because of their apathy to the fundamental values of life! This probably also explains why more and more people are taking their life closer to nature once again by returning to meditation, yoga, vegetarianism etc. and radically changing their lifestyle.

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