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Astrology Horoscope PlutoAs a natural corollary, Pluto subjects are a little too personal and insidious people. The secretive Pluto subjects, prima facie, may be regarded as narrow-minded and selfish people. But this is not always so. Secretiveness, like a knife, may work both ways.
Think of the revolutionaries who work secretively for great social and national causes.  It depends upon the perspective of the people who deal with them. For some, they are patriots and fighters against tyranny and established order who deserve to be revered and idolized; for others, they are heretics, conspirators and traitors who need to be flogged, humiliated and hanged publically.

Think of the magicians, witches, occultists and such esoteric people who may work for their selfish ends or for the benefit of the public at large. Pluto has an alchemy symbol.  The alchemists are known to transform iron into gold. The spirit underlying the art of alchemy is, however, transformation. The transformation may be for the good or the evil. It may be for construction as well as for devastation.

The transformation may take place at two levels. It may take place at physical level as cited in the above mentioned cases. But it may also take place at spiritual level. The process of transformation at spiritual level may take the form of evolution from the state of an animal to man and from man to superman.
But Pluto’s symbol stands for transformation from bad to good, from normal to supernormal, because an alchemist transforms iron into gold. It does not change gold into iron. This is what Pluto’s influence does for its subjects when it stays over their houses in course of its movement around the sun.

Pluto takes 247 years to complete its orbit round the sun, but its speed varies at different phases of its movement. Therefore, it stay anywhere between 15-26 years in the house of each zodiac sign.
It should also be noted that the process of transformation has to initially take place at a secretive level especially when it is at a rudimentary, learning or experimental stage. It cannot be taken up under public glare until it acquires some level of perfection. In fact, it is not possible to work under the public glare.

Take the case of spiritual gurus who first master their art in secluded regions and then come out with their achievements in the open. Pluto’s transformation stands for gaining mastery of spirit over the matter. It strives for bringing light into darkness and truth into falsehood.

When Pluto enters the house of a zodiac sign, it provides its natives an opportunity work hard to make their lives better. The betterment may take place in any area. It may be in the area of health, wealth, relationships of love, marriage or business, employment or litigation. In short, the entry of Pluto generally heralds a period of transformation from negative to positive, from loss to profit, from sickness to health, from desperation to hope, from degeneration to regeneration.

But going by karmic astrology, the transformation may take place for the worse as well because ultimately it depends upon the free will and action of the subject. Pluto only provides an opportunity, an environment that can accelerate the process of transformation.

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