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Astrology Horoscope MercuryGiven the swiftness of Mercury, it is no wonder that its subjects too are predominantly mobile people. In fact mobility is the key element in Mercury’s personality that determines all the traits of its nature and character.

Going by the literal meaning of mobility, Mercury subjects cannot stay still at one place over a long time. They start feeling an itch both in their heart and heels. They get bored easily and long for change of place and environment. This restlessness explains why Mercury subjects choose the kind of business, trade or jobs that they do.
Mercury people opt for jobs that keep them moving and take them to various places-far and near. Most Geminis, therefore love to become traveling salespeople, drivers, pilots, diplomats, foreign services personnel, media reporters, traders, sailors, habitual travelers.

Mercury people are not adventurous in the sense that some sports people are who take to risky adventurous pastimes just for fun. Geminis are adventurous in the sense of being entrepreneurs. They take huge business risks only when they are sure they would benefit from them.
Mercury people suffer minimum losses in their business ventures.  The reason for their success in business ventures is that they very well know that it is difficult to make money and be conscientious and principled at the same time.
This is not to suggest that Mercury subjects are habitual cheats and frauds.  In fact, they understand that it is honesty that builds good will in business in the long term, but they just do not want to incur losses. This explains why they can easily become honest, semi-honest or total liars as the situation may demand from them. This is another trait of their mobility.

Since Mercury subjects keep changing places, making new friends and forgetting those who have lost their utility for them, the platitudes or principles   of moral values do not make much sense with them.
Mercury people are known to be mercurial in their nature. It does not mean that it is in their nature to lose temper, change moods or cool off very frequently. It only means that they can change their stand or temper according to the exigencies of the trade situations. What matter most with them that should continue to make profits.
Another implication of Mercury’s mobility is their flexibility or adaptability. They can change with times, people, events or circumstances. Life never stops with Mercury subjects. It keeps moving. Adaptability for Mercurys is not a vice, but a virtue, a practical necessity. In fact, adaptability and mobility are the foundation of human progress and evolution.

This kind of adaptability points out to another healthy trait in Mercury’s nature. They are very dynamic and optimistic people. If they were not so, they would not keep up moving ahead with their life; they would stop being mobile. There are thousands of people who shun karma only because they see not hope in it. Such people become walking corpses. Mercury people, are, karma yogis in this sense. For them mobility is life, stillness is death.
Remember the early sailors who left the shores of their countries and discovered new countries and continents. They were the repositories of new knowledge and wisdom. They would regale people with news and stories of their adventures in far off lands and strange people. Their tales would entrance the listeners. Mercury people are highly communicative and loquacious. They are master story tellers. They do not spin or weave tales; they narrate true life experiences that look stranger than fiction.

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