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Mars governs the muscular build up, the genital regions and adrenaline glands in human biology. Mars can be said to be a male counterpart of the female Venus energy. Both are passionate and intense subjects who are driven by inexorable focus upon the pursuits of their goals.Astrology Horoscope Mars

Mars takes 687 days to make a revolution around the sun and thus spends approximately 57 days in the house of each zodiac sign. Mars rules over the first house of Aries. It dominates over the lives of Aries subjects and infuses them with its unique traits of aggressiveness, confidence, assertiveness and dynamism.

Those who come in contact with Mars natives can rarely remain unaffected by their inexorable energy, infectious drive and virulent passion. They generally are very quick tempered and sharp- tongued people who always tend to make deep, penetrative cuts and wounds with their words and deeds both literally and figuratively.
Martian subjects or Aries are very hot, almost angry lovers, always in a hurry to smother their partners without allowing them any time or chance to express their desires or predilections. The same traits dominate their interactions and relations with their friends, business partners or office colleagues.

A  Martian character appears to always be in a state of heat and passion whether in their drive for sex, business or career goals. It is difficult to find Martian natives getting cold, tired or bored after they take up any project right from its start to finish. There are no intervals, interludes or intermissions for Mars. Nothing or nobody is ever permitted to deflect them from their single-minded pursuits. They are depthless mines or unstoppable fountains of energy and power,

Once they finish a project, they are ready to take up another one. They do not like to waste time in wallowing about or gloating in the stories of their success. Martian subjects generously share the fruits, rewards and laurels of their hard work and enterprise with their faithful workers, colleagues and friends. They strongly hate sycophants and consider them as parasites who love to feed upon the hard earned fruits of others. They can not forgive or tolerate the lazy, ineffective people given to making excuses for their incompetence.
They are always brimming with dreams of new, unconventional, adventurous ideas and projects and ready to implement them using all their physical, intellectual and mental resources. It is really difficult to keep pace with Martian drive and energy.

Martian subjects have strong will power. They never worry about failures, hurdles or setbacks because of confidence in their abilities to carry out projects. So, they rarely feel depressed or burnt out. Their motivation and drive in pursuit of their goals is infectious. They have strong qualities of leadership. They know how to carry their colleagues, subordinates and friends along with them without making them feel, jealous, inferior or irrelevant.
Mars and Venus subjects can be perfectly compatible and excellent partners provided they learn to set aside their egos.


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