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Compatibility Cancer and Aries

The Aries and Cancer partnership speaks of the contrasting characteristics of the brash and bold Aries and the gentle Cancer. Aries are known to be direct individuals; they don't do sugar coating words or beating around the bush. Cancer on the other hand are intuitive and sensitive; they feel more intensely than Aries. On the plus side, the adventure-loving Aries see them as unpredictable and exciting. However on the negative side, it is difficult for Aries to empathize at this level of emotion and could make them feel hampered by Cancer's sensitivity.

Given their sympathetic nature, Cancer are very emotional and nurturing. Regardless of gender, they give the maternal spirit in the Aries-Cancer relationship as they offer emotional security and domestic life. Along with these characteristics, they have the tendency to be controlling which the free-spirited Aries detest. Clearly, Cancer's need for emotional attachment does not coincide with Aries' need for freedom. The key to this complication is for both signs to be patient to see beneath each other's facade. Cancer can use their instinct to see the insecurity beneath Aries' outward confidence, while Aries have to learn and understand the idealism behind Cancer's sensitivity and appreciate the receptive abilities their partner has. Furthermore, Cancer must learn to give Aries some space. They have to acknowledge that their possessiveness and worry will suffocate their partner. Giving Aries their space will not only keep the peace in the relationship but will also declare that Cancer understand their partner's need for adventure as well as giving them the acceptance and support they need.

Despite their difference in approach, Aries and Cancer are both action-driven individuals who don't easily give up on the relationship. They also have the ability to be protective of their loved ones- Aries have the warrior-like features to defend their beloved while Cancer have the motherly instinct to safeguard their young. While it's normal that arguments happen to this couple, they will defend each other against anyone else.

The Aries-Cancer partnership also have the potential to work as a team. Cancer have the ability to take in the feelings of other people, process them and put forth a plan of action. They base their actions on intuitions and gently prod Aries to the same direction. In return, Aries can teach Cancer courage to deal with the here and now rather than dwelling the past which cause them to brood and hold grudge. Additionally, their spontaneity shall introduce fun and variety to the relationship.

The downfall of the Aries-Cancer relationship happens when they turn their heads from their strengths and focus on the negative aspects of their partner. The challenge is for this couple to stop seeing faults and start communicating. This starts with Cancer stopping their tendency to give their partner a silent treatment; employing emotional torture will just wash this relationship down the drain. If they don't talk about their feelings, how will the Aries know what's boiling inside them. On the other hand, Aries needs to practice the open-mindedness they are known for to hear their partner out. Their stubbornness has to be set aside if they want this union to work. Aries have to bear in mind that Cancer are highly emotional individuals; they need a substantial amount of reassurance and quality time together. Aries simply have to slow down and take a rest from their impulsive adventures to appreciate the stability that Cancer offer.

While it's true that the Aries-Cancer compatibility has several areas that require some work, this couple are also equipped with the necessary characteristics to cope. Aries are gifted with passion, creativity and spontaneity in the name of love. Cancer on the other hand, use instinct and empathy to be receptive of their partner's weaknesses. These signs just have to give each other slack and allow their partner to grow in the relationship in their own way. As love develops, they begin to trust each other and learn to compromise. For one, Aries will learn to adjust and see their partner's point of view, being less impulsive and more emotionally expressive. In return, Cancer will develop emotional maturity to recognize and appreciate Aries' effort in becoming more sensitive and not to be annoyed when they don't.


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