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Compatibility Cancer and Capricorn

The Cancer-Capricorn compatibility has the capacity and determination to survive the test of time. They are opposite signs in astrology, which means that they provide a special balance of qualities, each offering something the other partner lacks. This is likely a old-fashioned compatibility which observes gender roles as defined by tradition.

Cancer are astrology's mother. They rule the house of home, family and femininity. They provide care, security and stability for all the family members. Capricorn, on the other hand are cosmos' patriarch. They promote discipline, practicality and wisdom. They radiate authority and ambition. Regardless of gender, Cancer, the Crab would be glad to have a partner who can foresee and address any shortcomings. Capricorn, the Sea Goat are glad to come home to a warm meal, a drawn bath and an adoringly attentive partner.

Neither Cancer nor Capricorn are prone to extra marital affairs. They are not particularly flirtatious or likely to be unfaithful. They respect each other, which results to a relationship built upon mutual trust and fidelity. The Sea Goat enjoy being pampered by the Crab who, on the other feel more secure knowing that their partner is dependable.

Cancer are under the Water sign and their lives are full of low tides and high tides of emotions. Their sea of emotions can be refreshing to the stoic Sea Goat. Capricorn, on the other hand, belong to the Earth sign who can be cold and rigid as the ground they represent but can guarantee a life of stability and pleasure. Both signs love to be surrounded with beautiful things.

The dark days come when Cancer get tired of accepting too much hard work to keep the household running smoothly, while their partner get preoccupied with the outside world with their career. The Crab long to be to touched and have an emotionally naked conversation with someone which the Sea Goat can't relate to. Capricorn, as a general description are not fans of display of emotions. Hence, it would be tiring for them to offer constant emotional support to the overly sensitive Cancer. This leaves the Crab feel unappreciated, ignored and unloved. To them, their partner is nothing but stiff, robotic and ever so formal it makes them grit their teeth in anger.

What Cancer have to understand is that their partner is and will always be the loving soul they were attracted to. Capricorns just don't internalize their feelings or else, they get overblown by their partner's melodramas, then fall into depressions. On the up side, Cancer can provide Capricorn with an emotional pillar. The Crab's dedication to the relationship always makes them step in when emotional counseling is needed.

The key for the Cancer-Capricorn compatibility to reach its full potential is for both partners to under the other's "language" of love. The Crab show their affection through togetherness, food and sometimes nagging. The Sea Goat, on the other hand, express their love by bringing home the "bacon", making sure that the household does not fall apart in times of crisis, or better yet, making sure that crisis never comes.

When true love prevails, Capricorn recognize Cancer's emotions, feelings and intuition. They honor the Crab's need for a lot of touching and cuddling. The Sea Goat may be cold in nature, but have an earthly sensuality in them. Their inner sexiness plus Cancer's raw sensuality equals steaming hot passion. The Crab must also develop gratitude and loyalty to their partner Capricorn for being so dependable. They must show their serious lover how to enjoy life and appreciate beauty and comfort. With their feminine touch, they can smoothen the Sea Goat's rough and hard edges. Conversely, Capricorn can calm the angry waves of the Crab's sea of emotions by providing a stable foundation they crave for.

This is not a relationship without its challenges, of course, but no matter how the circumstances drive these signs crazy they're both loyal to your families. This is a quality that's admirable in the Cancer-Capricorn compatibility. At the end of the day, both signs share a common goal of having a solid and stable family life.


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