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Compatibility Cancer and Gemini

Gemini and Cancer does not have a natural connection with one another. Gemini are rational, talkative and not overly emotional, while Cancer are soulful creatures who are compassionate, shy and sensitive but doesn't show their emotions easily. Also, while Gemini enjoy changes and want to explore the world being the outgoing sign, Cancer are more comfortable at home, not needing many friends and enjoy stability and routine.

In a sense, these signs can compensate each other, emotional Cancer who have a problem communicating clearly can be guided by Gemini who is defined by clear communication. With the right words and diplomatic prowess, Gemini can encourage Cancer to come out of their shell faster than usual. Furthermore, Gemini can influence Cancer to lighten up and enjoy the the world a little bit more. In turn, Cancer can provide a sense of security and understanding, they have natural impulse of protecting the ones they love. They can teach the hectic Gemini to slow down to appreciate peace and quiet and enjoy the quality of home life that Cancer offer.

If the differences between the Gemini and Cancer overpower the relationship, Gemini will think of the Cancer as boring and suffocating. Cancer's instinctual decision-making and barrage of worrying if they made the right choice will constantly annoy the logical Gemini who does not look back at the past but rather focuses on the future. To them, Cancer is too moody, overly sensitive and tends to be possessive, not wanting to share them with other people outside of the relationship. Cancer on the other hand will be stuck up at the thought of their Gemini partner as being emotionally detached, loud, insensitive and flirtatious. They may never feel secure and will always be jealous given their partner's  adventurous and sociable characteristics. Because of their different approach in life, these two signs tend to irritate each other. The problem is that Cancer is looking for emotional security and stability which Gemini cannot provide. They tend toward idealization of their Gemini partner who fails to deliver so they end up being upset and disappointed. Cancer simply needs a reassurance of love and appreciation from the Gemini, and all will go smoothly.

The union of these signs is clearly a battle between the emotional and the intellectual, the home-maker and the communicator- a difficult combination but not impossible. The challenge is for each of the signs to appreciate the strengths of their partner and recognize their own weaknesses as well.  The differences between the Gemini and Cancer can be an opportunity to learn from each other. Each of these signs have something to bring into the relationship by incorporating emotions and intellect. The problem is having them to cooperate in this tedious process. It would not be an easy route to take and it requires a lot of compromise and commitment to change to suite their partner's needs.

Since almost everything that Gemini like: adventure, change, social interaction, etc. bring uncertainty and worries the routine-bound Cancer, Gemini have to use their adaptable nature which they are known for to slow down a notch or two. They have to allow their Cancer partners to take care of them and spoil them with their home-cooked meals, warm bath and other homely comforts. Moreover, Cancer can show Gemini how to face their emotions and not to be afraid to trust their instinct. Cancer, on the other hand should learn a more logical approach at life. This may be easier said than done but an analysis of their life experiences of failures and disappointments should show them that not every decision should be based on instinct and emotions alone. They should also allow their Gemini partner to show them the joy of exploring new ventures and open their door to some things they never knew existed.

Though the path to overcoming the obstacles of this tandem is tedious, it would be all worth it as soon as these signs realize the strength of their union. Once they learn to appreciate each other's point of view, they can come up with rational and intuitively sound decisions.

Financially, Cancer's efficiency in dealing with money is a blessing to the extravagant Gemini. Also once Gemini learns to spend more time at home, they shall enjoy the beauty of domestic intimacy offered by the Cancer. Likewise, once Cancer open themselves to other possibilities, they shall also appreciate a fun and adventurous lifestyle. The key is enjoying things together as a couple. Gemini have to reassure their Cancer partner that they're loved and cherished and in return, Cancer respect their partner's need for freedom.


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