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Compatibility Cancer and Pisces

The Cancer-Pisces compatibility is a union of two gentle and kind spirits who want nothing but to take care of each other. They're a pair of softies underneath the hard shell of the Crab (Cancer) and tough scales of the Fish (Pisces). They are two of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac and together they form a fairy tale love story which shall be the envy of other signs.

Cancer and Pisces share the same refined sensibilities. They are excellent patrons of the arts, frequent guests in museums, theatre, concerts and recitals. Both signs have so much love to give, hence they appreciate the littlest sign of beauty. Even when minimalist Pisces might not understand Cancer's desire for a rich and comfortable home, their emotional connection is rewarding enough.

Cancer and Pisces are both water signs so they understand each other on the emotional level. They're both compassionate, nurturing and sensitive souls. Each partner has a fragile heart and could easily be devastated. Luckily, they know exactly how their partner feels as it is a reflection of their own emotions. Romantically, these signs share a sensual desire for classical music, candle-lit dinner and hours of kissing and foreplay.

Unfortunately, it's also their overly emotional state that could ruin their almost perfect relationship. Cancer and Pisces tend to absorb each other's fluctuating moods like a sponge. When things are bad, slamming the door, walking out and sulking are expected. When this happens instead of indulging each other so both parties become affected, they need to separate for a bit, allowing the steam to cool off.

Another challenge is the difficulty of both these signs to let go of grudges. They tend to be passive-aggressive and play the victim when their feelings hurt. This could result to a difficulty arriving at a mature and logical solution.  

No matter how difficult a problem is, the Cancer-Pisces compatibility stays strong- "through thick and thin..." kind of relationship. Cancer's stable view of life holds them afloat. They perfectly understanding Pisces' momentary dreamy state and help them stabilize their nature. Of course, the possibility of Cancer growing weary of the Fish's pleasantly unreal nature and Pisces getting suffocated by the Crab's caring but clingy characteristic can happen. Thankfully, both signs are tolerant and sympathetic. It'll be easy for them to find a nice compromise.

The key to maintain the divine connection between the Crab and the Fish is to learn to communicate more directly. They tend to avoid the issue instead of facing them. Bearing the Cardinal sign, Cancer can take the lead here. Although intuitive, they like to come up with a solid plan and get things moving (although a good deal of them are never finished). Pisces, on the other hand, bearing a Mutable sign are "go with the flow" beings. They are adaptable and flexible and can change their form of expression to whatever a situation requires. In short, standing their ground is of little importance. They may come across as wishy-washy. All this in the name of aiming to please! The Crab can nudge the Fish to follow their lead. The latter, on the other hand, once they get their priorities straight can inspire the Crab to finish what they started. They can use their gift of diplomacy to make their love realize that completion is sometimes better than initiation.

The Cancer-Pisces compatibility may not set the world on fire, but this relationship is gifted with peace and serenity. Their shared empathy and commitment to make the relationship work despite the odds is what will keep the ties strong and long lasting. They form a magical aura which nobody else can break.


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