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Compatibility Cancer and Cancer

Cancer is the zodiac's nester, hence the Cancer-Cancer compatibility is the union of two homemakers. Their kindred spirits would immediately see eye to eye as they are both kind, caring and sensitive. This couple will stand a superb chance of creating their own personal fairy tale. It's their instinctive understanding of one another, and their shared outlook on life, which makes a high potential for Cancer compatibility success.
The Cancer-Cancer compatibility is a reflection of powerful emotions at work. Cancer, the Crab are a water sign and feels everything, from absolute bliss to despair, very deeply indeed. These emotional depths are ruled by the Moon, which is what gives Cancer people their infamous moody disposition. Cancer and Cancer relationships will often be characterised by these shifting mood swings in both partners, but the lighter side of it is that both partners will understand and make allowances, because they each fill the same shoes.

Emotional security is of utmost importance to Cancers, and when this couple get together they sense in each other someone who is eager and willing to provide that security. Courtship will take its time in a traditional approach, but it will be worth the wait because when commitment is finally given, both partners know they can trust it to last.

For Cancer and Cancer, compatibility is particularly strong in the face of adversity or challenges for whatever reason. This couple will find sanctuary in their home, their fortified castle, and defend each other to the last breathe. They are nurturing, romantic, sweet and intimate, and able to create a wonderfully sensitive atmosphere.

Underneath the caring and protective crabshell, unfortunately, beats a fragile heart. Cancer and Cancer compatibility depends upon each partner being able to stand strong enough individually to give the other the support they need. Cancer are particularly prone to worry and stress, and tend to buckle under pressure perhaps more so than any other zodiac sign. When the relationship is working well, these two create an unbeatable mutual support system. On bad days, there will be a battle of emotions: screamed insults and hours of sulking. Problems also happen when either or both signs take everything personally. This would definitely spell trouble and the good memories down the drain.
At its best, the combination of two Cancer signs is a sensual and kinky partnership. They fight every now and then but if they let understanding prevail, the making up part will be fun. They keep their love lives to themselves, but you can be sure that they're physically attracted to one another- deeply private and quite intense.
Of all the signs, nothing is more important than home to a Cancer. For this couple, a shared love of family life is vital to the partnership. Signs are great that this family emphasis can be achieved, since both partners are devoted to one another and will be devoted parents too. This couple is likely to go the distance because of their fear to upset family life. There is a slim chance though that this couple would linger on together when Cancer and Cancer compatibility breaks down. The good thing is that they are usually able to anticipate these problems before they escalate to this level.

When Crabs get together, there is always the risk of an emotional tidal wave and it is the thought of building a good home is what keeps them bonded. They understand each other perfectly in this segment of their relationship. Their similarity comes to focus right here, where they are free to value a peaceful and calm family life. This could keep them together in a loving relationship even if they maybe didn't seem perfect for each other during the early parts of the relationship.
A museum of sentimental memories and a lovely family life is truly just around the corner for the Cancer and Cancer compatibility.


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