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Compatibility Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius are cut from entirely different cloths but proves to be a fascinating oddball match. They are a case of opposites attracting. What makes the Cancer-Aquarius compatibility interesting is their potential for change. Bearing their individual differences, they bring along with them a set of distinct characteristics that the other partner needs.

Here we have Aquarius, the Water Bearer, a detached Air sign who  want nothing but to escape from what is conventional. They are explorers, very modern and want to move from one place to another discovering more to life. To them, love is more of a mental exercise. This explains why the Cancer-Aquarius partnership is not necessarily love at first sight. The Water Bearer need to stage a good debate to assess if Cancer can match their mental prowess. They fall in love with someone's brain first; the rest follows. Cancer, the Crab, being a Water sign are sensitive souls. They bring along a sea of emotions which usually rules over logic. They are anchored by deep roots and tradition, old-fashioned, family-oriented and likely to be possessive. Considering the mismatch on the emotional level, what's keeping this couple together remains to be a question in the eyes of spectators.

The answer is that both signs are caring souls- Cancer want nothing but to protect their loves ones, while Aquarius want to make the world a better place to live in by carrying good deeds for the underprivileged. This couple selflessly give themselves to others.

Their high level of determination is another thing that keeps the Cancer-Aquarius compatibility going. Cancer belong to the Cardinal sign family who will move heaven and earth to pursue their dreams. Aquarius, being a Fixed sign will never back out on their purpose. The Water Bearer discover that the Crab, though shy can actually be very tenacious. They develop a high respect for each other and together, they can work towards a common goal. Cancer can bring warmth and depth to the Water Bearer's overly rational thinking, while Aquarius can bring variety to the Crab's conservative mind.

Trouble happens when the detached Aquarius doesn't need much affection and Cancer withers without physical touch- the Water Bearer becomes too cool and/or the Crab too emotionally demanding. Cancer's possessiveness could suffocate Aquarius. Aquarius feel trapped by Cancer's demands for intimacy. What Aquarius take for granted is the Crab's loyalty. Conversely, Cancer forget that the Water Bearer have their own mind which needs to be fed with new information. They love to analyze, synthesize and probe, hence the need for movement.

When love unfolds, the Crab see the vulnerable child underneath the strong and composed Water Bearer. Regardless of gender, Cancer resemble a mother's love, wanting to tuck their young under their wing. And because of the powerful, unexplained influence of karmic debt, Aquarius realize that sometimes they have to do what their partner likes. The Water Bearer may not openly admit, but what they need is the assurance that when they come home after their constant search for knowledge, they come home to a warm and loving partner.

Aquarius, on the other hand offer an intriguing world of diversity. They yawn at the dull and boring routine Cancer are comfortable with. If the latter open their eyes, they realize that there's an entire planet out there waiting to be discovered. Sometimes, what they need is a challenge more than a smoothly-paved road.

The Cancer-Aquarius compatibility is certainly worth a great deal. By accepting that they come from different viewpoints, this couple can move on and celebrate their diversity, instead of being threatened by it.


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