The word angel is derived from the Greek word meaning 'messenger'.
With this, angels are considered as messengers of God.

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It has been used in some notions about spiritual beings honored by most religious tradition. Some of the popular roles of angels in human’s life are guardians and protectors. They are believed to have been given tasks which come from God.

The theological study of angels is called angelology. Angels are commonly depicted with creatures with human physique with white wings on their back. It was said in Revelation 4 of the Four Living Creatures that these descriptions came from.


Angels are “pure contingent spirits”. Aristotle has written that God exists as a Prime mover for humans. Thus, he also needs people who can work with him and can be called as secondary movers. Thomas of Aquinas has also expanded this knowledge upon his study in Summa contra Gentiles and summa Thelogica.

Angels to humans: Interaction

There are many recorded cases of angels interacting with people of the living world in the Bible’s New Testament. There have been conversations between angels and humans. For example, there are three cases in the bible which provides the information regarding these angel-to-human interactions. It was during the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ where the angels made their appearance. The angel was able to pave his way to Zechariah, father of John the Baptist, and told him that despite his old age, he will have a Son. On the other hand, Angel Gabriel paid Virgin Mary a visit to annunciate the coming of Lord Jesus Christ. Lastly, it was in Jesus’ agony in the garden when an angel comforted him.
Some other reported cases in today’s millennium are in 1751 where Archangel Gabriel was said to reveal himself to a Carmelite nun Antonia d’Astonac. It was 100 years later when Pope Pius IX approved a Chaplet named Chaplet of Saint Michael based on this apparition.

Pope John Paul the II have emphasized the role of Angels in today’s society. They are said to be participants in “History of Salvation”. He suggested that the people must be able to grasp the goodness of having the existence of angels. The angels are important in maintaining the coordination between the people and God’s heaven.

The Angels

Based on Kabalah’s statements, there are four worlds and ours is the last one – the world of action. Angels are said to exists in our world due to the task of God. They are an extension of God which gives positive and beneficial for us humans. They are there to guide us towards the gates of heaven.

Among the Famous angels are Malachim (general word for angel), Lucifer (angel that challenged God), Michael (provides God’s kindness), Gabriel (provides justice and power for deprived ones), Raphael (God’s healing instrument), Uriel (paves our destiny), Seraphim (sings and praises God), Malach HaMavet (the angel of death), Satan (influences people to commit sin), Chayot (the holy beast), Ophanim (influences our Astrology), HaMekavah (used as transportation for God’s glory).


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