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Angel Gabriel

Who is angel Gabriel?

Angel Gabriel is the assigned Messenger of God. His name means “The Strength of God”. There are Jewish scriptures which recorded his good deeds for human beings. He was the one whose spirit helped Prophet Daniel in interpreting his dreams and visions and use it for his people’s sake. Angel Gabriel originated from the Jewish religion. Nonetheless, there have been reports of his appearance in other religions, places and cultures as well.

Angel Gabriel was the one who brought the exciting news to Zachary and the Virgin Mary about their children-to be, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. He was also believed as the one playing the trumpet at the Last Judgment. On the other hand, according to the Muslims, angel Gabriel dictated the Koran to Mohammed for over 23 years. He also accompanied the said Prophet on the night of his journey. Some Christians also think the angel Gabriel is a female spirit, contrary to what the bible says that angels do not have gender.

Angel Gabriel’s mission

Angel Gabriel’s role is the communicator. He is the mediator between Heaven and earth. The people of God have made angel Gabriel as the Patron Saint of broadcasters and telecommunication reporters as well as diplomats, messengers, and postal workers. This is for the reason that angel Gabriel announced both births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.

Also, women ask for his help in conceiving a child; hoping that one day, they will be able to receive the same miracle as what the Virgin Mary has received. Women who seek this help provide the angel a novena candle at the comfort of their homes.

Due to the help provided by Angel Gabriel to Prophet Daniel of interpreting his dreams, people who also want the said work keep on petitioning to angel Gabriel for such. His help is sought in order for one to gain more knowledge about the dream he/she currently had.

People’s Liking for Angel Gabriel

People have become more involved with praising Angel Gabriel with his works. With his prowess, people have become fans of his holy cards, candles and anointing oils. His picture is also worshiped by divine practitioners by placing his picture side by side to their area of prayers and devotions. Nonetheless, believers commonly patronize a novena candle. With this, they tend to wait for the good news in store for them which angel Gabriel is about to share just like he did with the Virgin Mary.




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