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Angels and Spirit Guides

Angels are considered as messengers of God. They serve as our connection with our creator. Angels are said to wander around our earth as angels not in human form. Spirit guides, on the other hand, have lived in our world as humans. They are known by some ancient people as carriers of wisdom. They may be aged in some sort or another but their wisdom never fails in time.

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides make their wisdom accessible to other people; working its way in the evolution of people. Those who have received their guidance may observe it truthfulness and issue their praises for the said people’s help. Some guides also have the ability to heal. They intend to help us to relieve pains that we may obtain. These pains may not just deal with physical pain but also mental and emotional tortures. They try to take away the fears we experience.

These guides take away the bad things that we are unlikely to face. Some spirit guides may take form as entities in other dimension. They are the ones who opt to participate in the transformation of our planet, the earth. Some experts believe that due to these concepts about them, they may be plain representatives of our future beings. These beings can be known as our higher selves.


There are different kinds of angels. Every single one of us is said to have a guardian angel. They exist for our own sake; guiding us and nurturing us to become a better child of God. People tend to believe in them because of some blessing that they may receive in some unexpected events. Our life may be full of mysteries. Angels are there to help us solve these mysteries. Since they are messengers of God, they provide us with some knowledge about God’s plan without us even knowing. Their intervention may not be seen but we, people, may deeply feel it.

Angels co-exist with guides because they are ones who work for the betterment of our souls. Thus, the need to know if we are dealing with angels or guides is important. You must know if the connection you made with God is due to your angel or the spirit guides in your area. In this way, you will deeply know how to understand your thoughts in every stage in your life. At the end of the day, you must be thankful that you were able to receive help from the said special entities. Most of the time, they are the ones who intervene in your prayers; making you realize some time that your prayers were answered because of them.

For most people we may consider the people around us as our angels or spirit guides. We may consider our family and friends as our angels. Nonetheless, by consulting to psychics, you may be able to discover miraculous ways to make your life worthwhile. Just by knowing more about angels, you will be able to know more about yourself and the God protecting you.



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