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Believing in Angels

Many people know what angels are. However, they do not really pay attention to how real they are. Many are familiar with angels as they have seen in drawings as kids. Many are familiar with the angels mentioned in the Holy Bible. But, generally, people do not really give time to connect it all to understand the whole concept of angels. Many do not even realize that angels give them advice. They are indeed guardians. And each person does not only have one guardian angel. There are many.

Angels fulfill many other purposes. They are guardians, messengers, protectors, gift-givers, supporters, miracle-workers, and many more.Angel

They do not even have to make their presence felt in order to send their messages. They can simply put the thought in the minds of the people in order to guide them in their everyday lives. Angels also give advice although they do not interfere with life. They are there to protect people from harm if their time to go is not yet near.

One who wishes to see, hear, or feel angels should firmly and sincerely believe that they exist. But, it does not end there. One must have patience and the ability to love unconditionally. He must be clear from any judgments.  He must also be aware of the many ways by which he can sense them. Through hearing, it can be beautiful music or a beautiful and soft voice. Through seeing, it can be through colors or flashes of light. Angels can also be seen as people though it is rare. When it comes to feeling them, the presence of angels exudes warmth and safety. There is joy and wonder. The presence of angels uplifts the spirits of people, too. But, however one senses them, one must be able to determine the messages that angels are trying to convey.



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