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How to Hear, See, and Feel Angels

Hearing, seeing, or feeling angels takes a lot of patience especially because it’s not just about waiting. It takes way more than patience, actually. It’s not even enough that the person sincerely believes that they exist. He must be able to love without conditions and with his intentions must be of the highest good. He must also be able to call on his angel lovingly and patiently.

Angels - How to See, Hear and Feel ThemSo, what happens when one hears the presence of Angels?

One may hear a distant but soothing voice. It is soft and beautiful even if it is solemn. This voice only becomes hard when the Angel is preventing danger. The voices are heard for the purpose of giving advice or providing guidance in everyday life. They do not serve selfish purposes. Of course, there is no rudeness and offending terms. There is neither slang nor commentaries. Hearing angels may also involve music, in dreams or in real life.

Angels can be seen as people although it does not happen very often.

When angels are seen as angels, they usually wear gowns or flowing robes and they have wings that appear to be invisible. There are people who are able to see the faces and characteristics of angels. There are also those who see color. Angels can be seen as flashing light or bursts of magnificent color. There are particular colors that pertain to specific angels. For Archangel Michael, it’s usually blue while Gabriel’s is red. For Uriel, it is yellow while green is for Raphael.

If one simply needs a sign or the feeling that an angel is present, he can look for feathers even in the most unusual places. The presence of angels is warm and it gives one the feeling of being safe. Generally, feeling their presence can make people feel more wonderful. It can put them in high spirits, too.



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