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Angel Cards

People have become more aware of the existence of angels. They believe that these creatures are what they work closely with in their day to day lives. Their mystical experience would greatly encourage them to believe more in them. They are unseen teacher and protectors that we should treasure. This idea has brought people to the knowledge of using angel cards. From the first word itself, angels, they are spiritual guides that can protect us from potential troubles that we may encounter. These guides are like angels to us that may appear dramatically in many ways. This can also read through our dreams and visions in an instant.

Deck of angel cards

Angel card deck has a series of single, positive messages. It provides optimism phrases for those who need to be encourages. There are also different things to interpret in dealing with them. They may contain messages and optimistic words but it still depends on the interpreter if these events would be proper laid out to the seeker.
The divination pack, angel cards deck, contains an instruction book. This is the tutorial handbook that most clairvoyants and psychics work with from instinct. These cards are not regular cards that are capable of shuffling. These are laid out in order for one to easily observe and read the messages. Nonetheless, most people use these angel cards in knowing more about their guardian angel. These cards are perfect for those who want to see what most their guardian angels do to protect and guide them.

Using Angel Cards

One must familiarize himself/herself with the deck first. Also, observing the pictures and phrases in each card would highly help in accomplishing the task of efficient interpreting. You may next layout the cards on the table. Last in preparing, one can cleanse the card by saying a short prayer. With this, one can expect higher realms once the person dedicates his/her use of the cards to a specific purpose.


One can use oils and scents in the process of preparing your cards for interpretation. There are some who use smudgestick in creating a smoke. This stage is said to be the stage for purification. There are also some who utilize incense stick. Lastly, two or three drops of oil in an oil burner may complete the trick.
Candles can also be an option. They are used for over a century now in rituals and magic. With lighting the candle, you are “bringing the light”. You may optionally blow off the light at the end of every session.


It is important to store your angel cards in a nice and special place. There are some manufacturers that offer a case for maintenance. There also some users which purchase a special bowl or storage space for the said cards. One may opt to use mobile cases in times when he/she needs to transport the cards in different places. At the end of the session you can neatly place the cards on the case for future use or entertainment.



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