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Understanding Psychics

There are many questions you must be asking yourself about psychics. It can be very daunting having your first psychic reading. Even people who have readings all the time become confused about what a psychic actually is and what a psychic can do for you. Here are some questions about psychics, click on the question and we will hopefully shed some light on this complex phenomenon.


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Psychics is the study, development and practice of extra-sensory perceptions or ESP, superfine intuition, channeling, trance and communication with the spirits, and so on. Our practitioners of the subject, also called psychics, use multiple tools such as crystal gazing, tarot cards, aura studying, astrology, numerology and interpretation of these for the benefit and welfare ofour clients.

Our Professional Team provides the following services:

Psychics utilize their abilities to resolve the multifarious problems of their clients in all walks of life—business, health, relationships, property, litigation and failure, to name a few. The extrasensory abilities include the use of clairvoyance, psychometry, precognition and other paranormal exercises. The subject is as Leep as it is vast and human interest in it can be traced back to time immemorial.

Instances of clairvoyance, precognition and psychometry through trance or ‘sleeping state’ abound  in the history of the ancient cultures around the world. Ancient Indian sages had mastered the art of clairvoyance. The Indian epic war of Mahabharata was fought between Kauravas and Pandavas. It is said that Sanjay, an assistant of Dhritrashtra, the blind father of Kauravas, sitting thousands of miles away from the battle field, narrated to his master, in minute and picturesque detail of what transpired on the battle field. He was also able to tell what the Lord Krishna spoke in his Divine Sermon, now known the world over as the Bhagvad Gita. Sanjay was blessed with the third eye or divine psychic eye – clairvoyance - through his long meditation, study, and discipline. Such incidents were laughed away as figments of imagination and wishful dreaming a few decades back. The advent of the wireless points to an immense psychic potential which is yet to be fully tapped.

In Europe, a supposedly ‘dull witted’ peasant called Victor Race, is known to have not only diagnosed and cured his own disease, but those of many others too. He would go into a trance and find answers and remedies to these diseases.

The famous psychic Edgar Cayce hardly needs any introduction. This Sleeping Prophet was a 20th century legendary American psychic, mystic, seer, psychic diagnotician, and a clairvoyant. He healed countless sick people by his ingenious medical predictions and prescriptions through his trance meditations.

Similar to Edgar Cayce is the case of Elder Porphyrios of Mount Athos, who demonstrated clairvoyance, which he called his ‘spiritual television.’ Almost of Cayce’s stature was Jane Roberts, whose revelations were documented and published as Seth Books during 1970 and 1980.

As mentioned, parapsychology, precognition, and psychometry are some of the other subjects of the study of psychics. Precognition ability enables a psychic to perceive the incidents that are likely to take place in the future. An important point to note about precognition is that this perception is not based on or deduced from the logical sequencce of the events in the present or the past, or in other words, the future is not reasoned out of the present or past events. A psychic, may, for example, foresee a brilliant future of a child who is not doing well at school. Presentiment is another psychic ability which manifests itself like a hunch, in the form of emotions or feelings.

We at have a team of specialists who are divinely endowed with various kinds of psychic abilities to resolve your multifarious individual problems relating to your business life - repeated and frustrating failures that haunt you despite your best efforts, and your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Our psychics can give you their psychic readings on distant objects or events. They can perceive through the masks of ordinary reality, look into the past and also the future. They can give you remedies based on a logical hypothesis deduced on the basis of your answers.  Gifted as our psychics are with their natural psychic traits, they have mastered their abilities through hard work, study and diligence.


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