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Psychics and Mediums

Psychics are the people who possess the paranormal or metaphysical powers of extra sensory perception that are beyond the comprehension and reach of ordinary people. These powers mostly come as blessings to them in the form of inherited talents from their parents or grandparents. Some psychics also acquire these powers by dint of hard work under the tutelage of some psychic guru.

Mediums are the channels that the psychics use to communicate with the divine spirits. The psychics induce a state of trance in the mediums and establish contact with their guiding spirits or angels. The mediums pass on the questions or problems of the clients to the divine spirits and receive the information from them in form of visual and auditory images, which they interpret to the seeker clients.

All the psychics can act as mediums or channels but all the mediums are not psychics. The psychics can also self induce the trance and become mediums. Though the psychics can utilize the trance of the medium to get information about any problem, usually there are three important subjects on which the client seekers need information and solution.

The first subject relates to the communication with the spirits who have recently lost their physical bodies.

The psychics induce the trance through the mediums to contact the spirits of the dead so as to enable their surviving relatives to communicate with them to enquire about their well-being, about the new world where they live and also get some valuable information which the departed member could not pass on due to sudden death or some other circumstance.

The second subject is to provide medical relief to the patients whose diseases have been declared incurable by the conventional systems of Medicare.

The kindly guiding spirits trace the root of the trouble and provide surprisingly simple cures. Even the best medical experts are swept off their feet when they find such hopeless cases living a healthy and happy life.

The third subject of enquiry usually relates to untraceable cases of crimes like theft, murder, espionage and so on, where the ace detectives of police and other law enforcement departments have raised their hands in despair.

The psychics and mediums step in to complement them.

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