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Psychic Detective

Psychic detective refers to the many psychics who offer assistance in catching criminals. It takes a special person to be a psychic detective, they need to:

Why do police use psychics for detective work?

When all your efforts to achieve your objectives become unsuccessful, you turn to super powers, the occult, and the psychic. This happens not only with the ‘weak’ individuals, but also with the organizations, including the secular government’s all- powerful security agencies. When the super sleuths of the police departments fail to zero upon the accused, they turn to psychic detectives or a psychic investigator for help (though there may not be any official sanction) and quite often they do succeed in catching the rogues and solve the intractable cases. It so happens that the some of the psychic detectives are gifted with the uncanny super powers of ‘seeing’ through the obscure. Psychics like John Edward, Sylvia Browne and all of the psychics at Psychic Readings have inherited the sixth sense from their ancestors and began exhibiting their talents in their early childhood.

Psychic Detectives feature in books...

Books on psychics are replete with ‘true’ stories of clairvoyants. The one most current about the official use of psychic detective in solving a criminal case goes back to 1845 when a juvenile criminal confessed his crime. The fact that the psychic did inLeed have the sixth sense and was not merely resorting to guess work has been well documented. Then there is the famous story of Jeanne Dixon trying to warn the White House about the assassination of John Kennedy.

Another popular book about psychic detectives is gilda joyce psychic investigator written by Jennifer Allison.

Real Life psychics solving crimes

Noreen Renier is another well-known psychic investigator. She has been invited to speak to the ace FBI sleuths and has helped unravel hundreds of knotty cases not only in the United States but in other countries as well. This testimony speaks volumes about the capabilities of the psychic detectives. There is, however, a lot of fact and fiction each supported by irrefutable arguments about the capabilities of the psychic detectives, but you have to be very careful before taking any decision about who you finally select.

The Difference between a Psychic and a Psychic Detective

It is known that psychics have the power to gain information from ways that no ordinary can. A psychic detective is a psychic. They are the same but with different purpose. The hometown psychic that everyone loves uses his power to help individuals with their dealings while psychic detectives on the other hand, still using the same psychic abilities, help police catch law benders.

Psychics have the ability to see things that had happened. This ability can help police have insight on what really happened. Some psychics also have the ability of mediumship in which allows them to communicate with the departed. Psychics can receive information that no ordinary eyes can see. They have the ability to come up with theories that the police may have missed.

Like any psychic reading, psychic detectives only provide guidance. Of course, their statements are not admissible in court but they can spark ideas in the minds of the police. These ideas are like stepping stone to the truth. The police know that they may seem incompetent when they start asking psychics for help but this cannot take away the fact that psychic detectives have the capability to do so.

All psychics can be detectives in their own right but to avoid confusion, the term psychic detective is used to define psychics that use their ability to help the police. Psychics have the ability and when used for the common good then everything will fall in their proper places. There is nothing wrong in asking for guidance whether it is as big as catching criminals or as simple as explaining personalities as long as the seeker knows the limitation of psychic abilities. The police can ask for a psychic detective’s help as long as they will still look at the situation as rational as possible.

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