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Psychic Predictions

What is a Prediction?

A prediction is similar to a Precognition, but it differs in the fact that the information gathered is obtained through the divine psychic powers of inspiration, psychic gifts, sign reading, or the altering of consciousness, and they concern the individual. However, predictions are based on Precognitions i.e. direct knowledge of the future.

The major issue surrounding predictions may be affected by the perceptions and biasness of the individual having the predictions.

A minor glitch in the system is that these predictions are hard to pin point or predict when they are about to happen, as the time is not linear but exists in an ever present now.


How Reliable are Psychics Predictions?

According to skeptics of fortune telling and predictions, the future is never really set in stone, and our daily actions and movements affect what happens in the future.  However, many people still believe in the power of psychics in making predictions, and in providing helpful advice on a wide array of life-changing issues.  Let's take a closer peek at how reliable are the predictions of psychics.

One of the most disturbing questions in the minds of those who think of seeking psychic services is whether the predictions made by them will come true or not. The uncertainty is really painful.

The question, therefore, is whether the psychic predictions come true or not?

 This answer is both yes and no.

There are generally two ways most psychics make predictions. One, they use psychic tools such as astrology or horoscope reading, tarot reading, numerology or palmistry etc.  The tools do provide indications to the future, but the indications need to be thoroughly interpreted, ensured and confirmed. This is where the innate abilities or the powers that the psychics are known to possess, come in.

Some of the special powers that most psychics are endowed with are intuition, insight, clairvoyance, visualization, clairsentience, telepathy, empathy, third eye and so on. They do not need to call up these powers. They are a part of their active thinking faculties. They are like reflex actions that start automatically working the moment the psychics try to answer the questions of the clients or predict their future.


How does the process of predicting actually happen?


As mentioned above, the psychics visualize the future of the clients on the mental screens by virtue of their powers as the clients ask the questions. But here comes the proviso, the rider. The psychics predict the future of the client based upon the conditions, events or energies working precisely at that moment of time. These factors may change with the passage of time due to several reasons. Here are three examples:

1. You are dying to marry a woman and seek psychic prediction whether or not you will succeed and the psychic says yes.  But what happens to your desire if the woman falls seriously ill, elopes with someone or leaves the country for some reason?  Or, you yourself face similar problems and, above all, change your mind because you find a still better partner.

2. You are a maker or breaker of your destiny because you are born with a free will to act. This is the law of nature. What if the psychic predicts you will come atop in an examination but just before the big day you drive rashly and crash your bones in an accident?

3. Karmic account

You have already performed some karma in the present or past incarnation and cannot escape settling its account. You may have breached the law and may be arrested precisely at the time, the prediction is about to come true.

Does it mean the psychic predictions do not have the chance of coming true?

Most psychic predictions come true because normally the circumstances do not normally change drastically.

 In the above three examples, not everybody’s loved one leaves the country, elopes or falls ill just before marriage. Not everybody meets the accident and fails to appear in the examination. Not everybody changes the mind to discard one partner in favour of another. Everyone normally uses the free will and works hard to realize their goal. Not everybody has to square the karmic account when they are about to realize their dreams.

 Psychic predictions indicate the possible bottlenecks; provide guidance for solutions to overcome them. They boost the confidence and pave the way for success. So, don’t worry, go ahead and ask your future from a psychic.

Psychics Are Equipped With An Elevated Sense of Awareness

The human being is normally equipped with basic senses, which allow them to fully interpret and sense physical experiences.  The five human senses are the sense touch, sight, smell, taste and hear.  These senses allow people to get a better feel of the world around them, the physical world though.  However, humans cannot sense, feel or see anything that happens on a higher, spiritual/supernatural level.  This is what makes ordinary human beings different from psychics.  Physics are people who are gifted with special gifts which allow them to connect with a realm beyond the physical world.  And because they are gifted, and know how to harness these “mystical” gifts, they have the ability to predict future events, and they can also communicate with spirits, sense auras, and even look back to a person's past life. 

Psychics are also able to harness this mysterious energy field, which according to experts pf metaphysics, binds and connects all living things on the planet, from humans to animals, plants and even microorganisms.

Each living thing or object on this planet also has its own vibration patterns and frequencies, and it is the frequency that psychics are believed to use in foreseeing any future event activity. One of the planet's most famous psychics, Nostradamus, was known to have accurately predicted major events such as the rise of Germany's Adolph Hitler,  the destruction of New York City's Twin Towers by terrorists in September 2011, and others.  The most surprising thing is that Nostradamus made these predictions one, two or even three hundred years before they actually did occur. 

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Psychic Predictions are Based on Images of the Future

If you're wondering whether psychic predictions are truly “set in stone', here are some factors to consider.  First, when it comes to psychic readings, each prediction is actually base don the visions or images and thoughts of the future, which appear in the mind of the psychic, and they are also influenced  by the events which happened yesterday, as well as today.  According to psychic researchers, if nothing alters or changes during the progression that leads to the future,  then the prediction will have a greater chance of coming true.  But, if something alters the normal progression of events, then a prediction can be altered, or will no longer be valid. 

How To Deal With A Psychic's Forecast

Once a person receives information about his or her future from the psychic, whether good or bad, the first thing that the individual needs to do is to ensure that he's grounded in the present.  The person should ask himself what's the best way for working with the information or knowledge that was given, in a positive manner.  The person should also ask for inner guidance, from his intuition, for additional help on which appropriate action  needs to be done to either make the prediction come true, or to  change the outcome.

Do Not Fear The Future

For people who are getting a psychic reading for the very first time, always make it a point to have a positive mindset.  Remember that fear of the future can actually paralyze a person, and keep him or her from moving into the unknown, and thus erode the person's self-confidence. f the person feels apprehensive during a reading, he needs to counter this fear by taking a deep breath, and make an effort to contact his inner guidance system.  The individual who's getting a reading should also keep in mind that the reality of life is actually happening at the very moment, and each moment in a person's life can have a major impact on what will happen in the future.

Each person is different, and this notion also applies to the quality of psychic readings. Some psychics believe that their special gifts are stuff that they should freely share to everyone.  Some psychics however firmly believe that their special skills are a service that needs to be paid for.  Before getting a reading, ask for recommendations from friends and family members, as well as get feedback from psychic forums and message boards, so that you'll have a better chance of getting a good-quality psychic reading.

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