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Cleansing with a Psychic

Cleansing is a comprehensive term. At physical plane it means removing the litter around your place of work and living. In psychic terms it means eliminating negative associations or thoughts that clutter your mind and inhibit the admission of positive views. The objective of cleansing at both the planes is purification and consecration of the physical place and your mind so as to make them receptive for the visitation of an astral body, an inspiration, an idea or divine energy. Cleansing with a Psychic

Cleansing at a physical plane may involve the observance of certain ceremonies to invoke the positive qualities of the four elements, water, earth, air, and fire. This can be done by using certain articles that represent these elements. For example, spring water represents the element of water, sea salt symbolizes earth, and incense stands for air and white or lavender candle represents air. All these things are easily available from your local grocery stores. Set up an altar on an ordinary table and meditate on each element. For example, take four pinches of salt and put them in spring water and meditate on the positive qualities of earth. Burn the incense stick and the candle.

Now start moving around your house carrying each article representing an element. Start with salt. Then take up the next item, say water, and so on. Or, you can place all these items on a tray or a plate and move around your place going through all the rooms. Make clockwise rounds in each room. Keep meditating and seeking the blessings of the higher powers, spirit guides, angels, gods or goddesses that you believe in. Invoke them to descend into your house and bless it with their divine presence.

The ceremonies and the rituals can be changed as per your individual beliefs. The idea is to invoke the higher spirits and connect with them so as to receive their energies by meditating upon them. It is like using your body to go in trance so as to allow the higher spirits to visit through it and connect with you. The ceremonial objects too are meant to connect with the divine entities. The process in turn cleanses your mind besides cleansing the physical premises.

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