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Online psychic, as the name suggests, is a psychic expert who provides psychic reading online. This means you can obtain information from the psychic through chatting online, emails and also telephone.

Online psychic readings have a great advantage for the clients who may not find suitable psychic reader in their local areas. You can find the best online psychic by browsing the internet. But finding a psychic through the internet may be fraught with pitfalls as well, because you may get trapped by the attractive jargon in the advertisements and pass on your vital personal information into the wrong hands.

Please call the following numbers to have a Psychic Phone Reading:

Credit Card Readings:

AU: 1800 732 337 minimum 15mins $37.50 AUD

USA and Canada: 1 888 22 22 338 15mins $37.50 AUD

UK: 0011 44 870 495 8019 15mins $37.50 AUD

NZ: 09 925 0444 15mins $37.50 AUD

All other Countries: 0011 44 870 495 8019

Phone Readings: Helpdesk

AU: 1800 222 362



Basic Considerations when Searching for a Psychic Online

There are times that we will need the advice of others, advice that could not be given by our friends or even loved ones, bud advice that can be given only by a psychic online. These advices can be about our future, our career or anything about love. It would be great to ask the help of a psychic, however, it is also important to note that there are many of them available online. You cannot hire all of them; rather, you should only hire one. With this said, it is important to hire the most reliable and genuine psychic. Below are some tips that you can consider in your search.

Good value

The psychic must provide quality services in exchange of your money. These days, money is very important, more so that we are experiencing economic crisis. Thus, it is just practical to ensure that you will get something out of your money. In the case of asking advice, make sure that you will get an advice from an authentic person. You will spend some cash in doing so, thus, you have to make sure that your cash will not be wasted. You can guarantee this by trying the free minute reading that is offered.

Authentic readings

The psychic online must be capable of providing authentic readings, because if not, you are just wasting your time and money. He must be able to tell you the exact result of the reading, whether it is good or bad. There are times that we would like to hear good news, but instead, we are given bad news. You should not fret about this. Instead, use that bad news as a challenge for you to strive more.

Realistic price

It would be great to deal with someone who can offer reasonable charges. Sometimes, people would like to earn more, because maybe they are badly in need of money. There are some who will ask for high fee in exchange of their services. However, regardless of the need or the reason behind, the psychic online must not ask for extra charges. You must see to it that the price being asked is fair and practical. Asking for a reasonable price only means that the psychic is not only after your money, but is more in giving you the advice that you need. 


Y our main aim in hiring the service of a psychic is to get advice or some guidance, thus, he must provide these to you. He should not aim at what he will earn, but at how he can help you. If he is truly willing to help you, then he is a real one.


Knowing how your reader looks like can also be important. This can either make you comfortable or uncomfortable. It does not matter if he looks like a god or a goddess. What is important is that upon looking at the picture, you will feel that you are already at ease with his presence.


The best course to find out a psychic expert is to seek the recommendations of your friends and relatives. In case you do not find the needed information, browse through the web. Read carefully the contents of the website of the psychics with special reference to their qualifications, the area of expertise—whether they are astrologers, mediums, tarot readers, numerologists, and palmists and so on. Ascertain their experience, and most importantly the references to their present and past clients and also the fee they charge. It must be noted that the psychics charge by minutes and the moment you start asking your question, their meter starts running and also the meter of your telephone company. Contact some of the clients of the psychics randomly to get a first hand report of their experience.

Informative Site

Another important factor to note is that honest and reputed psychics would provide exhaustive information about their own qualifications and the field of their expertise. For example, an astrologer would provide maximum information through articles on astrology written by reputed astrologers, glossary of typical astrological terms, and also through the frequently asked questions in their resource pages. They would, in this way, educate their visitors to take enlightened decisions without hiding any important piece of information from them. The website of a reputed psychic would have a professional lay out, structure and navigation. It would generate a feel of confidence, expertise and welfare in the minds of the viewers.

Now compare your findings after studying the websites of a number of psychics and contact the one who suits your requirements.

These are more considerations when it comes to selecting a psychic online; however, these are just among the basics. Always keep them in mind and surely, you will get the advice that you are seeking for.

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