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How to Do Psychic Channeling?

Channeling of spirits can only be done by those who have psychic ability. One does not need to be a strong psychic to start practicing channeling but it is a process. No psychic can do channeling without the proper research and training. Here are some of the basic steps to do psychic channeling.

1. Do psychic channeling in a place you find most peace with.

Let the place speaks to you. It should provide you with enough energy to perform the channeling. Make sure that there will be no distractions or other unnecessary noise.

2. Sit in a lotus position or in any position you feel most comfortable to sit in a long period of time.

The lotus position is the recommended position for it helps the flow of energy the most.

3. Meditate.

Proper meditation can make or break your intent of psychic channeling. Make sure you are breathing properly. This can help in the energy flow throughout your body, which is essential for the psychic channeling.

4. Bring yourself peace of mind.

Channeling spirits should be done with a positive attitude. Doing psychic channeling with negativities can result to failure, worse it can attract negative entities, which no one would want. Any form of psychic ability should be done with good intention. This is the only way to avoid negative consequences.

5. Practice.

The ability to channel spirits is rare and cannot be performed by just anyone with psychic ability. It is hard to develop and specialize with. It is strongly advised to practice regularly because experience is still the greatest teacher in channeling spirits.

It is recommended for those who are new in channeling spirits to ask help from experienced psychics. This way those who are interested to learn this art will have the proper insight and knowledge needed to perform psychic channeling successfully.

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