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This Month November 2017

icon A positive and energetic November awaits you, Cancer. Have more confidence in your work and express yourself with a smile. By doing so, you feel ready to tackle those small, daily problems that happen in life. Think about career possibilities or other changes in your life. It's not a given fact that you have to continue following the path others chose for you. Long term trends are coming to a favorable point for you, so make some moves forward in pursuit of your goals. An old lover could suddenly show up again. Ask yourself if it would be a wise idea to allow this person into your life again. What was it again that causes you to walk separate paths? If you're single, this month brings a feeling of attraction for someone who is in a position of authority. You will be excited to know that you have certain strong interests in common.

Last Month October 2017

icon Things are going well at work but you will have to pay attention to your social contacts. Communication is a little challenging which could disturb the peace in your closest bonds. Misunderstandings could happen and someone from the past could make a surprise visit. Also be a bit careful with investing in new contracts if you're into business. Make sure you read the fine print and all expectations need to be put in writing. You feel good but it would be a good thing to spoil yourself with lots of fresh fruit and vitamins to prevent colds and other ailments. If you are single, you could be surprised by an unexpected phone call. Don't let this thoughtful gesture fool you but seriously ask yourself if this person is the one you want to start an adventure with.


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