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This Month May 2017

icon Things will go different than expected this month and you might have to deal with an undeserved setback. If a disagreement with a partner happens, be very patient and you will slowly have to move some boundaries. Now will not be the time to push through adversity. Instead, take a deep breath and come up with a new strategy in which you can achieve your goals. For anything that is work-related, watch out for signs of living in the fantasy world. Whatever happens, don't loose yourself in the details but hold on to the big picture. Take a look at what really matters right and you will see it's not that bad after all. You will get a long way with an optimistic view on things.

Last Month April 2017

icon You had been looking forward to this month, full of expectations. You can count on finding new forms of fun and breakthroughs but also anticipate that some things will work out differently. The wisest way to use a new idea is to test it before fully committing to it. The tendency to act too quickly or say too much too soon can undermine your plan before it gets off the ground. You might feel like you can do anything but zeal alone doesn't prove that you're on the right path. Listen to others but think for yourself at the end of the day, Cancer. Sometimes the solution is right there in front of you and you only need to allow others to open your eyes. In the love arena, expect spicy Mars and sensual Venus to stimulate your romantic impulses and flirtatious tendencies. You're ready to take the lead in your love life and that calls for putting on a good show.


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