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This Month August 2017

icon Do you have a dream? Realize that changes will have to come from within you in the end and not from outside of you, Scorpio. Roll up those sleeves and turn August into a very productive month in the personal and professional field. Pitch your brilliant ideas and use your charm to get people to your side of the ring. If you're into sales, be more visible online. It's also a high time to expand your network. Connect with new people and get the most out of your existing contacts. If there's an existing conflict in your relationship, step into the other person's shoes and forgive. For love you will have to put those self-doubts aside. You've got major magnetism boosting your sex appeal. Single? Go out more often and have fun turning heads. Coupled ones need to put their desires into the open.

Last Month July 2017

icon July calls for some self-confidence and assertiveness. Stop doubting so much, Scorpio. Have peace with it once you've taken a decision and don't think about it anymore. Getting into the complicated world of what ifs is just a waste of time. Take action instead. To make things easier for you, the stars will shower pixie dust for you to get into those influential people's calendars. A lot of people count on your help but you will also get extra hand from unexpected sources. Just don't exaggerate. You are allowed to have some downtime as well and relax. Whether you're in a relationship or single, an encounter could throw you off balance. Follow your heart. Are you overdue for a heart to heart with a person important to you? This month sets the stage for a diplomatic and healing conversation.


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