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This Month April 2017

icon Bear in mind that being overly aggressive, insensitive, or even inappropriate could damage your reputation, Gemini. This month teaches you to find the balance between being confident but at the same time humble. So don't just ignore a well-intended advice. If you open your eyes, there are items that could be valuable for you out of it. Try to respond to criticism in a positive way. Career-wise, you could prevent headaches down the road by practicing proper planning, so think about the consequences before you begin a project around the house or at work. Goals may become rigid by the second week and you may see them shattered. Fortunately, you're ready for action as the stars strengthens your mental grooves. Your house of love and play will entice you to slow down by the 3rd week of April and enjoy yourself instead of pushing forward. If you're single, all eyes will be focused on you and you could finally catch the attention of that certain person. Don't retreat but open up and give it a chance. If you're in a relationship, it would be a good idea to open up a little more towards your own partner. A good conversation could bring a lot of depth in a relationship.

Last Month March 2017

icon You're in demand this month, Gemini. Fortunately, your ambiguous nature makes it able for you to make adjustments like a chameleon. However, this risks you being overwhelmed and burned out. Enjoy a little break every now and then as your energy stores are limited now. This is a great time to look around you and mobilize your resources. You have a lot of skilled people in your life; you simply have to ask for their help. Tidying up, decluttering your life can give your energy a boost, too. Give your desk or your bedroom a make-over and get rid of the people who only calls you when they need some rescue. If you're doing supervisory or managerial work, make sure that your team are on the same page. If you have to correct some course, just do it. Communication could be a challenge every now and then this March. Important conversations could happen and you might come across as a bit overzealous. It doesn't matter how you express your point of view as long as you do it. A lot of people will admire your passion nonetheless and an important breakthrough could happen if you make a bold move.


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