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This Month June 2017

icon It seems as if a heavy weight has been lifted of your shoulders this month, Sagi. You are feeling great. June is all about rebirth, so during this time, you're kicking bad habits, reorganizing your closet, clearing your desk and being a champion of your to-do list. You're known for being restless and easily bored, but during this time you'll be especially hungry for adventure. That's just how you roll. Make sure you get everything possible out of this month. Don't lock yourself at home or in the garden but head out. Visit that new place or accept a project you would otherwise have immediately turned down. Do new things and get to know a new side of yourself. You will be amazed! If you're in a relationship, make sure you let him/her share in your enthusiasm. Tag him/her along in your quest for life. Single? You will find your way this month. The stars guarantee that.

Last Month May 2017

icon You could face a month with major changes. Fortunately, you'll have the capacity to realize your true talents and use them in their best possible light. It's like you have finally overcome that resistance against inner and outer changes. Financial reward is possible, too. It seems as if the entire world is opening up to you and you only have to reach out to grab all those opportunities. Suddenly you clearly see what it means when people say you have to create your own life. Unfortunately, if you have any cracks in the pavement of your relationship, you can expect them to break wide open during this month, Sagi. You simply can't continue to ignore something that requires your attention, right? It's time to do something with that information and make a change that will affect you and the people around you. Try to come up with a win-win solution.


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