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This Month September 2017

icon Some things really need to be solved now, Virgo. The cosmos blesses your house of closure and transitions which helps you forgive and move on. Meanwhile, mental Mercury gets into your house of focus, giving you powers of concentration. It's a great time for research and accepting the challenge of a detailed project. A joint venture, property sales/purchases and passive income opportunities are part of the deal, too. Just make sure to triple-check your facts and sources. Also watch out for people who enjoy wasting your time with their pointless debates. Enjoy the beautiful moments that nature has to offer to you and get strength out of the smallest things in life. The questions you are asking concerning love can only be answered by you.

Last Month August 2017

icon August is your yearly "reset" period, Virgo. Adopt a low-key approach and focus more on self-preservation. Don't rush and take some distance from everything so you can completely connect with yourself again. Let bottled-up emotions flow and set yourself free through forgiveness. If in doubt, do not blindly trust the words of others but always ask yourself what the intention is. Only share your resources with people who fully earned your trust because not everyone deserves your heartfelt gestures. If you're trying to seal a deal or sell an idea, make sure you don't immediately show all your cards. Meantime, romantic Venus is marching through your house of tradition and structure. You now demand a mate with staying power, not the fly-by-night one. If you've been together awhile, a talk about where things are going is part of this month's menu.


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