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This Month January 2017

icon Happy New Year, Virgo. You're eager to break free from the old rut and flow forward in an adventure so you made some good resolutions, but they made seem to be disappearing like snow in the sun. Before you realize it you are stuck in your old routine again. While you wanted to do things completely differently this year, it's a little difficult for you to adjust. Sure, your agenda might be a little uncomfortable but you won't know what you can get out of this unless you try, right? Just make things simple and attainable for you, nothing exaggerated. Keep in mind it's never too late to make changes. Don't be afraid of the reactions of the people around you. Honesty is a main ingredient in love which needs to be always available. Be open in love and involve your partner in your plans so you can count on his/her support. Single Virgos don't have a lot to complain about this month. They will receive a lot of attention.

Last Month December 2016

icon This month is going to be a month overflowing with a wide array of bright opportunities but they can only be attainable if you take charge and believe in yourself. Don't listen to negativity or let anyone stop you, Virgo. Tell yourself you've got this and you want this! If you are in a relationship, don't just keep quiet and always think that it's also your decision to make. Explain yourself well to your partner but try to be open-minded as well. He/she will see things your way because he/she will learn to appreciate your honesty and maturity in handling difficult situations. This also applies if you are single. Self improvement is the first step to greatness. Dare yourself; do the change. A positive outlook will always help you.


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