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This Month September 2018

icon Libra If you open yourself up to new prospects, you will realize that there are greater ones available out there. It's not wise to stubbornly hold on to a single idea. Don't just fixate yourself on one person either. You are surrounded by beautiful people willing to give love and be loved by you. You can also expect the formation of new friendships or even a new love. Changes are happening around you. Start with something small like visiting nearby places you've never been before or enroll in a hobby such dance or painting lessons.

Last Month August 2018

icon Life is a complex matter and having a realistic view in life will keep you grounded this month. Having hopeful expectations will give you the courage you didn't know you have. It will allow you to grab every opportunity that comes your way. Be prepared because a small change or decision could have radical effects. Make sure that you are flexible enough and use your imagination to come up with innovative ideas. You are a brave soul, Libra. Nothing is impossible with love or at work if you push yourself to the limits. Pick the best one, then go for it.


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