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This Month May 2017

icon A sudden change is possible in career matters to you, Libra, but honestly you have to keep a realistic view on life so you will succeed to grab that opportunity you have been waiting for. Be flexible and use your imagination. Fortunately, you'll have plenty of stamina to tackle all obstacles this May, although you may lack patience for anyone who can't keep up with your speed. A major challenge or ending to a relationship is possible on the latter part of the month. If this happens, it's because this person no longer fits in with your life path. If you're in a stable relationship, the good news is, there will be plenty of support for the two of you communication-wise. You'll feel like it's easier than ever to express love to your partner. Financially, you'll make incredibly positive decisions during this time.

Last Month April 2017

icon A streak of emotions could rattle your house of secrets this month, where it could expose an inconvenient truth. Don't be overwhelmed by this, Libra. Just reminds you to redouble your efforts to battle your fears and self-limitations instead of taking the easy way out and settling for less. If you feel as if you are not moving one step forward in life, compare your life now with your life from a few years ago. You might not see any concrete changes but you have gone through a lot of developments on the inside. Finding beauty and joy without stressing yourself for it teaches us to receive and appreciate the blessings we have and the comfort and support of the people we love and loves us back.


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