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Horoscope Compatibility for Taurus

Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac sign. It is referred as the bull and has a time frame that starts from the 20th of April and ends at the 20th of May. It is one of the fixed signs and under the earth element. Venus is its sign or planet ruler. On the other hand, its detriment is Mars while moon is its exaltation. It is an introvert sign known as feminine sign.

Date of birth: April 20—May 20  
Zodiac element:  Earth
Ruling planet: Venus; Zodiac sign: The Bull

Some salient traits of a Taurus personality

Avoids struggling, contented, quiet and peace-loving, patient, committed, loyal, pragmatic, deliberative, loves a comfortable life, works hard only when unavoidable, consistent, compromising, honest, head-strong, stubborn, dangerous when furious, status-quoist.

Here is the Horoscope Compatibility for Taurus:

Horoscope Compatibility for Aries
Compatibility for Aries

Taurus compatibility with Aries

Having two polar personalities, can a good relationship be achieved? A Taurus is calm yet stubborn while Aries is fast and anxious. The latter one is the fun yearning type and always looking for anything that they can enjoy while you as a Taurus is someone who is easily satisfied. And they don’t bother changing things when they think it’s already good. But in relationship, having a calm personality paired with the steaming one is good. The Taurus is capable of calming the in rage Aries.

Both of you are strong, honest and loyal. Aries is impulsive to act and impatient for change, Taurus is pragmatic, deliberative, meditative and cautious. The temperamental difference calls for a peaceful dialogue to avoid fractious relationship.

Horoscope Compatibility for Taurus
Compatibility for Taurus

Taurus compatibility with Taurus

A very good partnership will be established. They are calm, devoted, polite and tolerant. Since the two of them possess these qualities, they would understand each other better than anybody else.

Of the same nature and temperament, you can make an excellent couple but for your stubbornness, which can often cause tensions.  Bur since both of you are peace-loving status-quoists, you may negotiate a compromise for the sake of stability, peace and harmony.

Horoscope Compatibility for Gemini
Compatibility for

Taurus compatibility with Gemini

Gemini are very versatile, they are capable of adapting to different types of people that bears different signs. Gemini is compatible with staying at home which is one quality that a Taurus is looking for. If they build a relationship slowly yet surely, there would be a lasting relationship.

Think of a mature, deliberative, calm and patient person interacting with one who is impulsive, quick witted, thinks fast and speaks faster and raring to dash in quest of fun and romance and you get a picture of how Taurus and Gemini can relate to each other.

Horoscope Compatibility for Cancer
Compatibility for Cancer

Taurus compatibility with Cancer

For Taurus, Cancer is a good partner. Both personalities matches well and even your wants and needs are parallel. True, you have a lot of similarities to start with. Even if they have different styles of living, still they have the same goals they wanted to achieve.

You two can build an excellent rapport and enjoy a warm, affectionate, dedicated, stable, enduring and synergic relationship. While Taurus is pragmatic, understanding and grounded to realities, Cancer is emotional and family oriented. Your relationship can generate envious and appreciative comments by friends and admirers.

Horoscope Compatibility for Leo
Compatibility for Leo

Taurus compatibility with Leo

The two signs are compatible in many ways but it doesn’t mean that they can be together forever peacefully. When it deals with relationship, more efforts should be invested. However, when it comes to business partnership, being partnered with a Leo is the best chance to gain success.

Both of you are honest, strong, reliable and affectionate persons. But you are stubborn too and once you take a position or make a commitment, it becomes difficult for you to compromise on it. It is always advisable to empathise with each other before forming an opinion.

Horoscope Compatibility for Virgo
Compatibility for Virgo

Taurus compatibility with Virgo

They are the best combination. You are compatible in almost the same aspect such as family, career, money and other activities. Better not to let them go.

You share lots of temperamental similarities. You are pragmatic, peace-loving, considerate and compassionate people. The only insignificant difference is that Virgo is more gregarious and out-going than Taurus who is understanding and accommodative because they love Virgo for what they are.

Horoscope Compatibility for Libra
Compatibility for Libra

Taurus compatibility with Libra

A Libra loves traveling and talking, but they are good in looking for looking for the both sides of your problems. They might be the best companion if you are bored. If you want to take your relationship in higher level, you should be more understanding and have a very long patience.

Both of you are soft-natured, peace-loving, cordial, affectionate and harmonious people and are ready to go to any extent to avoid rifts in your relationship. For example, Libra is more gregarious and fun-loving than Taurus, who stubbornly prefers to remain home-bound.

Horoscope Compatibility for Scorpio
Compatibility for Scorpio

Taurus compatibility with Scorpio

Another good successful combination since both signs is determined. So, it is possible for a relationship to work with strong will and enthusiasm. They are capable of loving their partner faithfully.

Both of you are so much physically attached  to each other that you wish to stay together despite some strong temperamental weaknesses.  For example, both of you are possessive and obstinate with Scorpio being a little jealous and revengeful if their demands are not met.

Horoscope Compatibility for Sagittarius
Compatibility for Sagittarius

Taurus compatibility with Sagittarius

Isn’t a good match at all, do not expect too much. You may be talking with each other now but might not later. Each of the sign may have a hard time understanding each other. They need to work it out using all their will.

With Taurus being content staying put all the time where they are, it becomes difficult for them to empathize with Sagittarius’s craze for ‘ needless’ quest for fun and risky adventures and not appreciating  the simple pleasures of homely and peaceful environment. You need to provide space to each other for a harmonious living.

Horoscope Compatibility for Capricorn
Compatibility for Capricorn

Taurus compatibility with Capricorn

These two are under the earth sign, in terms of compatibility they will surely work on it but should see to it that everything should be done smoothly.

Pragmatic, realistic, conservative and grounded to realities, both of you can look forward to a mutually rewarding, fulfilling and peaceful relationship. Both of you do not seek fun and entertainment for individual reasons and this tendency may result in boredom, staleness and monotony in life.

Horoscope Compatibility for Aquarius
Compatibility for Aquarius

Taurus compatibility with Aquarius

There is a possible partnership but may not last longer than you thought. If you want to pursue the relationship, make sure to have concrete communications as possible.

Taurus is pragmatic, conservative, rather inflexible and traditional. Aquarius is modern, progressive, experimental and enterprising—willing to adjust with the changing times. Aquarius, being more understanding, should empathise with Taurus’s obstinate refusal to see their perspective and not insist on reciprocity.

Horoscope Compatibility for Pisces
Compatibility for Pisces

Taurus compatibility with Pisces

Yes, this is another perfect match. Both signs are capable of adapting each other in no times making them more attractive to each other’s eyes.

Both of you are made of softer stuff. You are gentle, pragmatic, tolerant, compassionate, sympathetic, pliable and dependable. There are, however, some small differences too. Pisces tends to be secretive and involved. The simple, straightforward Taurus may feel uncomfortable with Pisces on some issues.



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