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Horoscope Compatibility for Sagittarius

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 22) is ranked as the ninth sign in the Zodiac chart. It is being referred as the archer as its zodiac symbol. Its zodiac element is fire and it us under the zodiac quality of “mutable”. Jupiter is Sagittarius sign ruler while mercury is its detriment. It doesn’t possess any exaltation or fall signs. It also belongs in the masculine or extrovert area.

Date of birth: November 22—December 21 
Zodiac element:  Fire
Ruling planet: Jupiter; Zodiac sign: The Archer/ The Centaur

Some salient traits of Sagittarius personality

A compulsive adventurer in quest of fun, constantly on the move, dynamic, has restless energy, inquisitive, lively, enthusiastic, cheerful, exuberant and confident.

Here is the Horoscope Compatibility for Sagittarius:

Horoscope Compatibility for Aries
Compatibility for Aries

Sagittarius compatibility with Aries

Oozing with a fiery relationship since both of the signs is under the fire element. They can be one of the best pairing. Both are fun-seeking and adventurous. These qualities might be the main ingredients in making a best relationship.

Both of you are dynamic, energetic and adventurous-- traits that bind you naturally and inspire you to go ahead with your romantic escapades. You do not feel suffocated just because you always stay together. There may, sometimes, be a little friendly competition between you. You share a happy comradeship, nonetheless.

Horoscope Compatibility for Taurus
Compatibility for Taurus

Sagittarius compatibility with Taurus

A Taurus individual loves stable life while Sagittarius loves the wild. Are there possibilities for their relationship to bloom? Maybe yes or maybe not, if one of them sacrifices maybe there is a possibility. But if no one does, their relationship will always be in the edge.

Sagittarius, exploding with restless energy, craves to go out, explore, take risks and socialise. Taurus, a quiet and contented soul, simply avoids unnecessary adventurism and sticks to routine. You need to empathize with each other and also devise ways to stay together happily.

Horoscope Compatibility for Gemini
Compatibility for

Sagittarius compatibility with Gemini

A Gemini will keep the fire in the relationship. They are smart and understanding and are willing to control the partnership for the better goods of the both of them.

Both Sagittarius and Gemini are restless souls raring to go places and have fun. But while Sagittarius harbours grandiose dreams and plans, Gemini can derive pleasure from anything that comes their way, big or small. But both of you are flexible and can adapt to each other’s views.

Horoscope Compatibility for Cancer
Compatibility for Cancer

Sagittarius compatibility with Cancer

It might not be the best pairing. But if the two are willing to risk all they have then there might be chance. Both must beware of the relationship they are bringing. Too much emotion involved may tire the partnership.

Cancer, being personal, subjective and emotional, just loves to stay home with family and friends. Sagittarius, living in the world of dreams and romance, always craves to go out for fun and adventure. You share an uneasy relationship that can be saved only through mutual adjustments.

Horoscope Compatibility for Leo
Compatibility for Leo

Sagittarius compatibility with Leo

One loves to spend while the other one loves to spend. Is it a perfect combination? This may be one excellent combination at all. It is especially if there is an in-depth acceptance in both parts.

You are drawn naturally towards each other and are filled with warmth and pleasure whenever you are in each other’s company. You enjoy a great chemistry and exchange notes on your fun and adventures. But Sagittarius’ occasional detachment and frank opinions tend to hurt Leo’s ego.

Horoscope Compatibility for Virgo
Compatibility for Virgo

Sagittarius compatibility with Virgo

There are lots of things a Virgo individual can offer. As for Sagittarius who is lacking with several things, by satisfying its flaws a flourishing connection is probable.

Sagittarius dreams of big plans, but ignores the finer details of their execution, a job best performed by Virgo, a fine-combing analyst. You two can make a successful combination. But problem, sometimes, arises when Sagittarius accuses Virgo of being too fussy about minor issues.

Horoscope Compatibility for Libra
Compatibility for Libra

Sagittarius compatibility with Libra

Sagittarius and Libra feel constantly hopeless in romance and they feel it in different ways. They are good in terms of communications and they are willing to listen to each other sides. This might be too perfect pairing. Once you are already at it making sure to take good care of the bond.

Sagittarius may, sometime, go amok with insatiable lust for fun and adventure, a situation that only Libra may control and balance out with their rational but patient attitude. You two can enter into a pleasurable partnership.

Horoscope Compatibility for Scorpio
Compatibility for Scorpio

Sagittarius compatibility with Scorpio

Sagittarius wants to be safe and secured. When it comes to relationship being possessive to the person they cherish is normal. As for the Scorpio who always strives for perfection and fulfillment. Their relationship may grow especially if both of them secured and fulfill each other’s satisfaction.

You two have a host of dissimilarities. Sagittarius is romantic, optimistic, socializing, fun-loving and exuberant. Scorpio feels comfortable with close friends within private and secure environs. You need to develop empathy for each other’s natural preferences for a peaceful relationship.

Horoscope Compatibility for Sagittarius
Compatibility for Sagittarius

Sagittarius compatibility with Sagittarius

Their similarities aren’t good at several times. They are not the active type so possibilities of spending a normal relationship is there and it would be no good at all. In any relation there should be spice to strengthen up their bond.

Two eagles taking flights for distant and exotic terrains. Both of you share optimism and zest for adventure and also are simple and straightforward. You can build an enduring and enjoyable camaraderie.

Horoscope Compatibility for Capricorn
Compatibility for Capricorn

Sagittarius compatibility with Capricorn

A relationship between the two may either work out or may not. It depends on how the two manages their bonds well. But both should remember that this is a risky one.

Sagittarius is an incorrigible optimist, dreamer and adventurer. Capricorn, a die-hard realist, may accuse the former of being irresponsible and amateurish. You can form a good team with Sagittarius providing a vision and Capricorn realizing it with their pragmatic and realistic approach.

Horoscope Compatibility for Aquarius
Compatibility for Aquarius

Sagittarius compatibility with Aquarius

There is high hopes for this pairing.  They both love freedom although in different ways but may become the anchor in building nice partnership.

Both of you feel bored staying at the same place and going with the same routine. You enjoy going out, visiting new places, meeting people and making new friends. Despite common interests, you do not get emotionally involved with each other and maintain independent sprits. You share a happy relationship.

Horoscope Compatibility for Pisces
Compatibility for Pisces

Sagittarius compatibility with Pisces

Sagittarius is willing to give all its love while the Pisces wants to be love. They are good combination because they matches its others imperfections and become a perfect couple.

Sagittarius is straightforward and open-hearted. They do not mince words to put across their views. Pisces is cultured, sensitive and hates to be brash and abrasive. You have to be very cautious and empathetic to each other’s sensitivities for a peaceful relationship.



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