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Horoscope Compatibility for Leo

Leo (July 23- August 23) is the fifth zodiac sign and has a zodiac symbol of the Lion. Its zodiac element is fire and its zodiac quality is fixed. Leo’s sign ruler is the sun while Saturn is its detriment.

Date of birth: July 23- August 22
Zodiac element:  Fire
Ruling planet: Sun; Zodiac sign: Lion

Some salient traits of Leo personality

Brave, audacious, dignified, adventurous, dominating, born leader, big thinker, grandiose and demonstrative,

Here is the Horoscope Compatibility for Leo:

Horoscope Compatibility for Aries
Compatibility for Aries

Leo compatibility with Aries

Both signs are egoistic. They are only looking for their own benefits. At first there would be passion but you can’t say that they can get alone. They are both hard headed and often come into argument.

Leo and Aries are fiercely self-willed, independent and possessive people. Also, you resist domination and this is where the conflict is most likely to come up between you. Both of you insist on occupying the pilot’s seat. The best way is to act as co-pilots working together or taking turns.

Horoscope Compatibility for Taurus
Compatibility for Taurus

Leo compatibility with Taurus

These are two conflicting partnership because of their mismatch personalities. Remember, Taurus is stubborn and likes to have a word on its own Leo is a type who doesn’t like criticism.

Leo and Taurus share two traits- strength and stubbornness, although Taurus, by and large, tries to remain peaceful and non-combative unless driven far beyond the point of tolerance. Nonetheless, you also stand by your commitment. You two can live quite peacefully and happily if you concede each one their space.

Horoscope Compatibility for Gemini
Compatibility for

Leo compatibility with Gemini

If you have set your eyes on a Gemini you need to secure them. Don’t let them go, Gemini possessed versatility that is capable of surprising you everyday. They have personalities that would match well with other aside from you.

Despite their sense of superiority, Leo can be as childlike, cheerful and fun-loving as Gemini. Moreover, Gemini can also charm Leo with their sharp wit and intelligence without making the latter conscious. Both of you can, thus, find a way out to avoid conflict and enjoy the life together.

Horoscope Compatibility for Cancer
Compatibility for Cancer

Leo compatibility with Cancer

It would be better if you will remain friends even if the two of you have these romantic views. As for Leo who is always on the go, it would be hard for the fragile Cancer to keep up on its pace. If you want to make your relationship work, one of the two should need to sacrifice.

Both of you are extremely sensitive. You strongly abhor criticism and crave for appreciation and this can be your meeting point. Avoid criticizing your partner as much as you can and be generous with your appreciation whenever your partner sincerely deserves.

Horoscope Compatibility for Leo
Compatibility for Leo

Leo compatibility with Leo

Two adventurous, passionate and shinning Leo would be a good pair. Not just because they have a lot of similarities but also most of their dislikes are also the same.

Two power points, two proud, self-centred and indomitable spirits; your relationship can turn out to be like that of  two  strong and complementary team players enjoying their camaraderie  or one of extreme jealousy and hatred likely to end up in irredeemable disaster.

Horoscope Compatibility for Virgo
Compatibility for Virgo

Leo compatibility with Virgo

There is a short relationship between the two. A perfectionist and a strong or determined person would likely attract each other. But the demands might not be fulfilled by each other.

You two are poles apart. While Leo is dominating, self-willed and possessive, Virgo is gentle, diffident and self-effacing. Leo may become furious even by genuine, benign and well-deserved criticism. It may become difficult for Virgo to be always taken for-granted. Both share a difficult- to- maintain relationship

Horoscope Compatibility for Libra
Compatibility for Libra

Leo compatibility with Libra

Libra is the type of person who loves people with personality just like Leo. They are oftenmatched well with humorous type although they aren’t really good in decision making, don’t worry Leo will make it up for you. Therefore, you can say that the two has a potential.

Despite the egoistic and adamant nature of Leo believing in my way or no way, Libra is intelligent and shrewd enough to handle—bring them around- without   appearing to do so. Libra also knows how to manipulate Leo without compromising with their dignity. If you are a Libra madly in love with a Leo, you need a lot of tact to keep the relationship in full steam.

Horoscope Compatibility for Scorpio
Compatibility for Scorpio

Leo compatibility with Scorpio

There is a potential fascinating relationship. They have both sexual interest with each other but the pressure might be the main cause why the relationship might be shortened. Leo doesn’t want to be chained up but Scorpio’s possessiveness might irk them.

Both of you are headstrong, stubborn, possessive, conceited and self-opinionated individuals. You are probably drawn towards each other because of these very traits of nature. But, sometimes, it becomes difficult for two strong-willed and inflexible people to co-exist peacefully. Take care!

Horoscope Compatibility for Sagittarius
Compatibility for Sagittarius

Leo compatibility with Sagittarius

A fiery relationship will be showed for the two individuals who are attracted with each other. Their love is an adventure and if they love each other they will conquer it all even if it’s hard.

Leo and Sagittarius are dynamic, energetic, adventurous and fun-loving people. The synergy your relationship generates is powerful enough to keep it warm and reliable. Minor differences apart, you can enjoy a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Horoscope Compatibility for Capricorn
Compatibility for Capricorn

Leo compatibility with Capricorn

With Leo’s bright personality, conquering the snob Capricorn is possible. And if ever it happens don’t let them go.

Both of you have disparate traits of nature. While Leo is romantic, adventurous, flamboyant, boastful and demanding person, Capricorn is pragmatic, cautious, realistic, unassuming, and almost a modest and philosophical individual not always willing to give what Leo may demand. Your common traits are sincerity, integrity and love for commitment.

Horoscope Compatibility for Aquarius
Compatibility for Aquarius

Leo compatibility with Aquarius

Physical attraction is there but may not last long. Aquarius are outspoken and may say whatever they wanted that may hurt you in the process. You have two different views of love and relationship. They are independent so as for the prideful Leo, this would be bad.

Leo is   warm-hearted, romantic, strong, possessive and energetic while Aquarius is intelligent, pragmatic and a little reclusive and individualistic. Aquarius may not, therefore, satisfy Leo’s desire for exclusive relationship. This disparity in nature may, sometimes, cause problems in relationship.

Horoscope Compatibility for Pisces
Compatibility for Pisces

Leo compatibility with Pisces

Unlikely personalities often clash and have the tendency to hurt each other. It is like water and fire in deed. But if they will work hard, Leo’s dominating personality and Pisces dependent quality may work too.

Leo is a grandiose, pompous, conceited, aggressive and flamboyant. Pisces is a simple, gentle, unassuming, modest, reclusive and as such prefers to stay behind the screens, away from the dazzling arc lights. Leo’s dominant and possessive nature may make Pieces uncomfortable.



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