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Horoscope Compatibility for Scorpio

Scorpio (23rd of October to 22nd of November) is the 8th sign in the Zodiac chart. Its zodiac element is water and its zodiac quality is fixed. As for the modern time it has two sign ruler, the first one is Mars and its co-ruler is Pluto. Its detriment sign is Venus and doesn’t have any exaltation sign. Scorpio’s fall sign is the Moon.

Date of birth: October 23—November 21  
Zodiac element:  Water
Ruling planet: Jupiter; Zodiac sign: The Scorpion

Some salient traits of a Scorpio personality

Gentle, non-interfering, quiet, reclusive, meditative, self-introspective, emotional, passionate, strongly involved; retaliates virulently when attacked, daring, experimental and enterprising, self-respecting, dislikes being taken for-granted.

Here is the Horoscope Compatibility for Scorpio:

Horoscope Compatibility for Aries
Compatibility for Aries

Scorpio compatibility with Aries

When it comes to business partnership the two will surely succeed. Aries are open-minded while Scorpio is full of fresh ideas. They blended well when it comes to this aspect. But things may not actually work out when it comes to romantic relationship. Aries likes an outgoing personality with actions and   the Scorpio may tend to bore Aries in the process.

Scorpio and Aries are strong and passionate individuals. But while Scorpio gets emotionally involved with their friends and partners, Aries does not have such sentimental hassles, an attitude that may irritate Scorpio who expects the same level of warmth.

Horoscope Compatibility for Taurus
Compatibility for Taurus

Scorpio compatibility with Taurus

There is a chance of having a long time relationship. Taurus is the devoted type and won’t give you any reasons for you to be mad at them. In terms of stability, there would be no problem too since Taurus is good at it. And both loves to stay at one place together and hang out at home than outside.

You two are natural allies and enjoy strong physical and emotional bond. On the negative side, both of you are obstinate, uncompromising and non-communicative. You should learn to be flexible and communicative enough to remove misunderstandings that may spoil your relationship.

Horoscope Compatibility for Gemini
Compatibility for

Scorpio compatibility with Gemini

You should see to it that the feelings you are feeling for the Gemini isn’t only a physical attraction. Or else, when you decided to live together and once the fire has burnt out you will found yourself want to separate from your Gemini partner.

Both of you are made of different stuff. Scorpio believes in strong commitments in relationships, but Gemini does not take them very seriously, an attitude that Scorpio considers childish and repugnant. It is better to ponder over these differences to prevent ugly situations.

Horoscope Compatibility for Cancer
Compatibility for Cancer

Scorpio compatibility with Cancer

The two are full of emotions and are very sentimental. They are the ideal partner for each other. Cancer is the unstable type while you are the strong and capable type. You can provide what Cancer needs and at the same time boosting your ego too. However, make sure that your partner is secured when it comes to supporting them. They may feel insulted if you don’t explain it well to them.

You fall in love with each other because of temperamental similarities. But over the time, conflicts crop up on the issues of sex and love. Cancer is miffed that Scorpio is obsessed only with sex and not love; while the latter cannot draw a line between the two instincts. Nonetheless loyalty towards each other remains a bonding factor.

Horoscope Compatibility for Leo
Compatibility for Leo

Scorpio compatibility with Leo

A partnership that is full of drama and adventures, that is what Scorpio and Leo exhibits. The two of you are the dominating type, you wanted to dominate your relationship but this is where the conflict may start. Be sure to talk to each other frequently and have a balance control in a relationship.

Both of you are very strong, passionate, determined and fiercely independent individuals. You are attracted towards each other because of these traits of character but, these very traits also create problems when you have different perspectives on the same issues. You need to foster some level of flexibility to stay together.

Horoscope Compatibility for Virgo
Compatibility for Virgo

Scorpio compatibility with Virgo

One of the best pairing ever and a beautiful relationship would likely occur. Once you are at it, be sure to keep in touch with one another and don’t let misunderstandings ruin your beautiful partnership.

Both of you are pragmatic, intelligent and self-analytical.  Scorpio is more audacious and daring, Virgo is watchful and wary. While Scorpio calls Virgo a coward, Virgo labels Scorpio as impudent. You should be moderate in your comments for a harmonious relationship.

Horoscope Compatibility for Libra
Compatibility for Libra

Scorpio compatibility with Libra

Another good combination however may become dangerous if it is not well-attended.

Scorpio often tends to get deeply involved and fixated with Libra. But Libra, being more cerebral, tries to maintain some balance between love and obsession. The differential perspectives create problems in harmonious relationship. Both need to moderate their attitudes.

Horoscope Compatibility for Scorpio
Compatibility for Scorpio

Scorpio compatibility with Scorpio

There are probabilities that a relationship between the two may work. But don’t be too over-confident. Since you are bearing the same signs you know each other bad personalities and the good areas. To ensure the best in the pairing, you need to be more open-minded with each other especially both of you are the mysterious type.

Being deeply emotional and committed, both of you want to take your love affair to the logical conclusion, i.e., marriage. Your tendency to be intensely possessive
and jealous may swing between fierce fights and tearful reunions. You should try to bring some moderation in your attitude to be more compatible with each other.

Horoscope Compatibility for Sagittarius
Compatibility for Sagittarius

Scorpio compatibility with Sagittarius

A romantic pairing maybe difficult to handle but when it comes to business partnership, the two of you would be a perfect combination.

You have different temperaments. Sagittarius is fun-loving and takes life quite lightly. Scorpio, who gets seriously involved and becomes very tense when situation take a serious turn, is irritated by Sagittarius’ detached attitude. You need to empathize with each other for an enduring relationship.

Horoscope Compatibility for Capricorn
Compatibility for Capricorn

Scorpio compatibility with Capricorn

It is best not to let go of the Capricorn. You are a nice pair and should have a good lifelong relationship possible. Make sure to fulfill their needs and be repaid back too.

Both of you are extremely serious about your concerns and commitments. Scorpio is deeply attached to home and family. Capricorn remains obsessed with achieving their financial goals. Both of you need to understand that your concerns are mutually beneficial and complementary and should not create unnecessary tensions.

Horoscope Compatibility for Aquarius
Compatibility for Aquarius

Scorpio compatibility with Aquarius

It is not recommended to have a relationship with an Aquarius or else you will just keep on arguing. Your personalities don’t connect at all. However, if you really love that Aquarius you need more effort and patience to understand their sensitive personalities.

When confronted with the same issues, while Scorpio would use their instincts and feelings to resolve them, Aquarius’ attitude remains logical and pragmatic. It is better to use the spiritual and intellectual assets of both the partners rather than squabble over them.

Horoscope Compatibility for Pisces
Compatibility for Pisces

Scorpio compatibility with Pisces

The perfect partner and you may have a wonderful relationship at all. You both have the same likes and maybe dislike too making you more attracted to each other. Pisces are generous and they give chances to Scorpio who wanted to dominate in a relationship.

Both of you are sincere, gentle and considerate.  While Scorpio is subjective, emotional and possessive, Pisces is discrete, sympathetic and compassionate. It would be much better for Scorpio to tone down their attitude a little for the sake of harmony in relationship.



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