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Horoscope Compatibility for Pisces

Pisces (February 19 to March 20) is the 12th and last sign in the Zodiac chart. Its zodiac symbol is fish and its zodiac element is water. It has a zodiac quality of “mutable”. It even bears two ruling planet or sign ruler, the old one and the modern and its co-ruler. Its first sign ruler is Jupiter and its co-ruler is Neptune. Mercury is its detriment and its fall and Venus is its exaltation.

Date of birth: February 19-March 20
Zodiac element:  Water
Ruling planet: Neptune; Zodiac sign: The Fish

Some salient traits of Pisces personality

Lively, gentle, graceful, flexible, cooperative, sensitive, self-effacing, adaptive, moving with trends, spiritually inclined and compassionate

Here is the Horoscope Compatibility for Pisces:

Horoscope Compatibility for Aries
Compatibility for Aries

Pisces compatibility with Aries

Their personalities clash with each other and rather a hopeless compatibility is there. They aren’t calm at all, they wanted to have the final words and their temperaments may break the patience of each other.

Aries is outspoken, straightforward but also artless and unsophisticated which charms Pisces. Aries’ ego often gets bruised when it is thwarted. It is then Pisces’ gentle, warm and healing touch that provides the much needed solace and also earns Aries’ admiration and gratitude.

Horoscope Compatibility for Taurus
Compatibility for Taurus

Pisces compatibility with Taurus

Taurus is perfect for Pisces and Pisces is perfect for a Taurus. There is an attraction, the passion, the trust, understanding, loyalty and the likes. What they need to do now is to secure each other’s love.

Pisces and Taurus are gentle, peace-loving, forbearing and harmonious people. But whereas Taurus is simple, detached and straightforward, Pisces is a bit emotional, secretive and involved. Such insignificant differences are quite natural and human. You two can enjoy a warm and compatible relationship.

Horoscope Compatibility for Gemini
Compatibility for

Pisces compatibility with Gemini

What makes this pairing unlikable is that Gemini doesn’t want so sensitive and emotional partner. It irritates them; too bad Pisces do possessed these unlikable characteristics.

Gemini is cerebral and rational and tries to resolve a problem through scientific and logical analysis. Pisces is intuitive and instinctual and uses their spiritual powers to do the same -- an approach Gemini rejects.  Being flexible and compromising, you can easily reconcile these two positions and carry on with your life.

Horoscope Compatibility for Cancer
Compatibility for Cancer

Pisces compatibility with Cancer

Romance and stability, a very good combination these two should keep their love shining and hope for the best for the two of them.

Both of you are habitants of the same environs, as it were, and are, therefore, quite sensitive, compassionate and intuitive. You can empathise with each other and prevent conflicting perspectives to adversely influence your relationship. Both share a happy relationship.

Horoscope Compatibility for Leo
Compatibility for Leo

Pisces compatibility with Leo

There differences and0 gaps that are too big for them to conquer and face. Arguments are on the road of the relationship and may ruined each other’s trust and lose their mutual feelings with each other.

Pisces cannot empathize with Leo’s arrogance, pride, flamboyance and demonstrativeness. Leo is frustrated by Pisces’s aloofness and elusiveness. While Pisces is tolerant and forbearing, they protest when Leo tries to be over-dictatorial. Both of you need to be respectful to each other’s sensitivities.

Horoscope Compatibility for Virgo
Compatibility for Virgo

Pisces compatibility with Virgo

Another proof of opposites attracts. They exhibit one of the best pairing in the zodiac compatibility chart. They are capable of understanding and support each other in many ways such as in emotional or stability aspect.

While Pisces readily reconciles with contrarian and ambiguous perspectives, Virgo does not accept anything that is not organized, planned and laid out in logical detail. But since both of you are tolerant, compassionate and peace loving persons, minor conflicts such as these do not impact your relationship.

Horoscope Compatibility for Libra
Compatibility for Libra

Pisces compatibility with Libra

There is a tendency that their relationship may end up quick. They don’t suit each other at all especially for the Librans who hates emotional people and likes the outgoing type which is not a part of Pisces personalities.

Both of you are gentle, compassionate and empathetic to each other’s sensitivities. You do not, therefore, try to dominate or compete with each other. Libra may, sometimes, not be able to reconcile with Pisces’ secretive and evasive nature. Nonetheless, you can conveniently overcome minor differences and live peacefully.

Horoscope Compatibility for Scorpio
Compatibility for Scorpio

Pisces compatibility with Scorpio

A strong emotion is needed for the two signs to work out. But there is an obvious attraction between the two. They should be able to keep the torch on fire if they wanted it to progress.

Pisces is moderate, mild, soft, subtle, caring and compassionate while Scorpio is intensely emotional, strong, almost aggressive and passionate.  But both of you successfully empathize with each other and, therefore, enjoy a kind of emotional rapport and fulfilling relationship that few other people ever experience.

Horoscope Compatibility for Sagittarius
Compatibility for Sagittarius

Pisces compatibility with Sagittarius

There is a present of a passionate relationship but there is something lacking in it that makes things in chaos.  However, they are considered as one of the best pairing even if they are two different beings. Opposites attracts as for these two.

Both of you are romantic and imaginative people. Pisces is sedate and loves to stay in their laidback and peaceful world; Sagittarius sizzles with restless energy and dreams of travelling to strange, exotic and wild destinations. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for you to compromise with each other.

Horoscope Compatibility for Capricorn
Compatibility for Capricorn

Pisces compatibility with Capricorn

There is a productive relationship. This pairing passes the compatibility test. This is because Capricorn the independent type and the domineering one are allowed to dominate in a relationship. While the Pisces doesn’t fit for the role at all but they can offer stable life for the both of them.

Both of you are temperamentally opposed to each other. Pisces is emotional, subjective, intuitive, romantic, idealist and a dreamer. Capricorn is cerebral, objective, realistic and pragmatic down-to-earth. Nonetheless, you are both intelligent and sensitive and may allow space to each other.

Horoscope Compatibility for Aquarius
Compatibility for Aquarius

Pisces compatibility with Aquarius

You can say that both signs possessed selfishness that is why they won’t agree in many things. Aquarius is independent type and doesn’t want to mind other people if not necessary. But Pisces loves to be the center of attention. They can’t satisfy each other’s cravings.

 Both of you are mild, gentle, compassionate and sincere. But while Pisces is a little close fisted and secretive, Aquarius is large-hearted and generous in sharing their mental and material assets. Pisces, however, does not protest against Aquarius’ charitable nature and lets them have their way paving a way for conflict free relationship.

Horoscope Compatibility for Pisces
Compatibility for Pisces

Pisces compatibility with Pisces

Even if they share the same personalities, traits and characteristics it doesn’t mean that a relationship may bloom. They need to be more aware of each other and their surroundings or else they will end up hurting themselves. They shouldn’t just understand each other but they should be capable or respecting each other’s actions and moves.

Pisces are highly sensitive, non-judgemental, compassionate, tolerant, imaginative, intuitive and romantic people. But you are secretive and elusive as well. Since you very empathize with each other, you can look forward to a warm and enduring relationship


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