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Psychic Course

Psychic course is designed to develop awareness about the significance and contribution of the psychic abilities to enable the students to address a host of problems that afflict us on day-to-day basis.  Most of human troubles can be traced to the emergence of imbalance between the mind/spirit and the human body. The objective of the course is to develop and fine-tune the various psychic abilities and tools to reestablish the harmony and balance.

The psychic course includes the foundation course for:

Then there are subjects and topics that deal with

The psychic course may include various other internationally recognized systems of prediction such as the Vedic, Chinese, and Egyptian astrology and also their methods and tools.

The psychic course can also be customized to the specific needs and aptitudes of the students. For example, some students may be particularly interested in the study of astrology, while others may be interested in tarot card reading. Again, some students may pursue the psychic course just as amateurs while others may want to be professionals.

What matters most in studying these varied subjects is that the student must aim at developing the psychic intuition or the ability to interpret the pictures, lines, charts, visuals, imagery, auditory messages, energies and sensations. Any one can be taught to draw the lines, charts and diagrams in the subject of astrology, but you need the psychic intuition and expertise to accurately interpret them.

The same tarot card may convey different messages for different clients. Some times the same card may convey different messages for the same person about the same problem at two different hours. The reason may be the change in the energy vibrations and this is where the expertise of the psychic comes in.

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