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The word graphology is taken from the Greek word “graphe” meaning writing, the suffix “ology” which is applied to names of scientific studies. Graphology is the study of a person character and accomplishments through the medium of their writing.

The psychic reader of handwriting bases his studies only on proved facts, the result of research and experiment and a careful sifting of the true from the false. The formation of the letters, alignment and so on makes it possible to form an idea of the persons; character, mental and physical condition. To do more than this is to introduce an element of superstition and intuition, this requires some psychic ability.

The action of writing, mastered in childhood, quickly becomes spontaneous, requiring very little thought. For example if you are writing a letter, you will concentrate on the subject matter and the pen will almost automatically flow through forming the letters and molding them into words. The pen is under control from your hands and muscles which in turn are controlled by your brain. The manner in which the tracings are made by the pen must therefore bear a direct relationship with the persons psyche. Each variation of movement is unconsciously directed by the brain, and it is because of that the graphologist can judge the mental state of the writer. From certain signs, one can judge will-power and intellect; the extent of the writer’s emotions; their morals; and occasionally their profession or calling as well as their general health.

The first step in determining the hidden factors behind one’s writing is to ascertain whether or not the person has been put under certain circumstances that have hampered the ordinary style of the writer. Everyone has certain speeds at which they are accustomed to writing, and if this is either increased or decreased the result is a modification in style. Hasty notes, a scribbled postcard and a carefully copied piece of text are very criteria, for in none of these situations is the writing perfectly natural. In each case habitual writing speed has been varied, and as a consequence, the style of writing has undergone alteration.

An ordinary or business letter forms the best basis of judgment – preferably one which has been written on un-ruled paper. This is because the natural direction of the writing has a lot of things to teach, without being guided by rules.

It also must be noted that faulty materials can do a lot to hinder the writer’s style. If possible it is necessary to take in the age, ethnic background, nationality, education as this may be responsible for peculiarities of style. For example misspelled words written by an educated would indicate carelessness while such mistakes by an uneducated person would be expected, as they are merely a result of ignorance. Unfamiliarity with the language will also cause a foreigner to appear hesitant or weak, although when writing in their own tongue, their style may be more progressive and strong. These details, although not part of science of graphology, need to be considered in order to ascertain a fairly accurate result.

The types of handwriting

The person who possesses a normal, methodical mind, devoid of pride and vulgar display, will naturally write in a medium sized hand. If it is rounded it shows kind-heartedness and a tactful nature, while if it is angular it suggests an inclination towards intolerance, and a healthy and brisk mentality.

The large and rounded style reveals one who is very generous and open hearted. If this style is angular, however, it indicates pride, maliciousness and frequently deceit.

Minutely small handwriting generally suggests the precise person, given to pedantry and sometimes petty mindedness. Normally small writing may be taken as a general sign of carefulness and a business like mind.

If the text increases in size as one reads on, it indicates frankness and sincerity. A decrease in size shows cunning and dissimulation, especially if the legibility decreases also, for such a writer is in all probability accustomed to cloaking the real meaning of their words and actions.

Regularity in the size of the letters is the results of an orderly, placid and unemotional mind, while great difference in size shows excessive emotionalism and lack of balance. Disproportionate sizing, forming some small letters almost as large as capital letters, may mean an aggressive, fault finding nature; or else it has purely physical significance and indicates a loss of nerve control owing to disease.

Elaboration and Neatness

Excessive elaboration in the style is, nowadays, a sure sign of conceit and self importance. The normal, well balanced mind finds that all outward show in the form of complicated flourishes and paraphs is quite unnecessary and will adopt a neat, clear and strictly plain hand. In past centuries it was considered to be a mark of good breeding and education to adorn one’s writings in artistic manner, but the rush and bustle of modern life allows little time for such niceties.

Besides the  above mentioned  ‘types of handwritings’ there are still several other handwriting styles or types where the letters or words are written  long, straight, inflected, slanted, curved and have countless other twists, turns, bends in their  formations.
Please note that these are only broad categories representing only a few common patterns of human nature. The truth, in fact, is that handwriting styles cannot be compartmentalized/ standardized into a few patterns representing only the broad templates of human nature which actually it is not.

These handwriting types do not include or identify the innumerable subtle shades and nuances of behavioural responses that keep changing with moods, events and situations that human life is susceptible to.  

It is, for example, difficult to deduce from the formation of letters or the words and the way they have been joined together that the writer was a shrewd and hardened criminal making a confessional statement before the law enforcement authorities. Quite possibly he may be faking the handwriting style in order to obfuscate the experts in the court proceedings at later stage.

People are likely to write differently in different states of mind, For example, you are not likely to follow your typical handwriting style when you are taking dictation from someone who  has placed a pistol on your head; or you are worried on account of some difficult financial situation.

Why do the handwriting styles of the people change?

It is quite well-known that most children joining schools at young and impressionable age are taught handwriting in predetermined moulds, styles and formats. The idea is to provide motor training-- instil control on the muscles of their hands   so that they can adopt the same style of forming letters and words when they have to write in routine  at later stage.
It hardly needs to be mentioned that the original handwriting styles are strikingly beautiful and uniform. But then, how come the students who consciously practice on the printed handwriting styles during formative years in school, generally fail to retain them later on.
The answer lies in the inherent individual nature, thought and habit patterns that assert themselves through many ways including causing changes in handwritings. Even the ‘patterned’ states of nature are also likely to undergo several changes under the influence of changing situations.

The truth is that there are as many handwriting styles as there are individuals, their unique temperaments, natures and psyches.

Common handwriting experts, therefore, cannot easily fine-comb and analyse the individual writings to arrive at the exact nature or mental state of the person by referring to some popular theories or the broad categories of handwritings. You need super-sensitive specialists who can look beyond conventional wisdom based on templates and categories.
This is where the role of a seasoned, intuitive and clairvoyant psychic comes in. Psychics are generally endowed by nature with unique talents that mark them out from the commonly intelligent and efficient people or handwriting experts.
Psychics belong to a privileged breed of specially  ‘gifted’ people. These people need not necessarily be famous. There are hidden gems in every walk of life. You only need to make a little effort to find them.

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