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Meditations to Remove Stress

It is recommended by our psychics that you undertake meditation to further alleviate stress in your life and obtain peace of mind. Here is a meditation recommended by our Australian Psychics.

I find a quiet room and put on some nice relaxing musicPsychic Light
And I begin to put my life into perspective
And I forget the possibilities of the future
And I begin to focus on the positive of the now
And I think of the things of the past knowing that I cannot change them
Whatever has happened in the past was destiny
And so now I put a full stop in my mind
To anything that has happened in the past
And I finish the thought
Of why did this happen
Negative things have happened
Because they were destined
And now with that powerful thought
I erase this from my mind
And there is no longer any tention
Or stress from any passed event
Because I put a powerful fullstop in my mind
That whatever happened was destiny
And with a powerful positive mindset
I will learn and move forward
And be at peace
And I see the past
As a book that I have read
It was entertaining
But a new chapter
Has now been created for me
And I will fill my mind with positive thoughts
And remove negative thought
Trying to change the past
Is impossible
And will create tension in the mind
I now refocus the energy into the all important present
For that is where the power is
The power to change
The power to be inspired
And the power to inspire others
In the same way
I do not worry about the future
And start to imagine negative events happening
This will only forge a blueprint for these negative events to happen
I project the thought
Those only good and positive things will happen to me
And I will maintain a determined thought
That whatever happens I will remain positive, focused and concentrated
And now in the present
I have the power to create the state of mind that I wish
I am completely independent of other people and positive circumstances
For my state of mind
I have the power to create positive peaceful thoughts
To be free of stress
To give light
And lead a stress free life
This is the power that I now ignite
And I focus to switch on
My motivation
And to ignite the spark
Of light and positivity
And then to drive into the future
With my head
Shining with light
Steering my way to a life
Of love, likeness, and enjoyment
A stress free life is a state of mind
And a choice to be made now.

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