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What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides refer to the disincarnate or immaterial entity which acts as protector or guide of a human being. This term was first coined in the Western tradition specifically in the psychic and mediumship world.

The Spiritualist Churches are also the ones which utilised the term however it was also stereotyped as associated with the ethnic Native American, Egyptian and Chinese groups. Spirit guide which is not immaterial or disincarnate refers to enlightened individuals or saints, angels or guardian angels, nature spirits and even totems.

There are theosophical doctrines which state that guides are not always in their human forms or not at all humans. Some guides are in the form of energy appearing in the cosmic realm. Other guides are also light beings and these entities are actually considered the highest level of spirit protectors or guides. In other forms, spirit protectors are also people who have existed in the world and have lived several former lifetimes. This type of spiritual guide has gone through and paid their karmic debts. They have also advanced or overcome the need for reincarnation. In most mediumship and parapsychological researches, it is believed that each person has between four and seven spirit protectors.

Spirit guides are ones which have your best interests as their priority.

The behaviour or intentions of a spirit protector is far more different from your personal ego or any negative entity. There are various indicators which would show that you are indeed dealing with a spiritual protector and not just any other entities or sources. Spiritual guides would always give uplifting guidance which would elevate your consciousness. It allows and encourages you to become responsible. Spirit protectors and guides would not manipulate or tell you what you must do. They do recommend effective and viable plan of action which could yield fruitful and positive outcome. Nevertheless, they give you the freedom and ultimately leave the decision in your hands alone.

The truth about spiritual protectors and guides is that they are gentle spirits or immaterial beings. They apparently do not get angry or make threats. You will not feel berated or derided when it comes to treatment from your spiritual protector. Authentic guides are loving and ever-patient beings. They would definitely bring out the best in you but never flatter your ego to the extent of making you extremely proud and bragging. Spirit protectors and guides know what is best for you and the things that do not service your purpose or agenda. Most importantly, spiritual guides believe and have faith in what you can do. They know and encourage you to go through your negative issues and problems and overcome them with victory.

Spirit guides are in no way different from human beings. Most guides are originally not from a physical or incarnated plane however others have experienced physical incarnation. Guides and protectors are constant and faithful companions when it comes to spiritual and physical journey in life. Methods in the psychic world are highly effective in keeping in touch and attuned with spiritual guides and protectors.

Many psychics use spirit guides and prayer to assist them with their psychic readings.

Psychics come in different shapes and sizes, and they also exhibit different supernatural talents and powers. Some have the ability to predict the future (and unearth the past), while others have the ability to gain information about certain objects or things, just by touching them. But just how do psychics do these things? Are they simply born with these supernatural abilities, or is someone else aiding them? Well, the answer is yes. There’s actually a thing called “spirit guide”, and this unseen and unfelt supernatural entity is there to protect, teach as well as supervise/guide the psychic. Join me in a brief but interesting discussion about spirit guides.

What Are There Different Types of Spirit Guides?

According to veteran psychic researchers, spirit guides come in different forms too, and have different ways of guiding their psychic friends. Among the popular (or identified) spirit guides include ancestral guides, “ascended masters”, common spirit guides, and even animal spirit guides.  Let’s briefly define each of these:

  1. Ancestral Guides. An “ancestral” spirit guide is an entity that claims some form of kinship with the psychic. This entity could be a close relative, family member or friend, who passed away years ago. These guides are also often described as “reincarnated” guides, since they are spirits who went back down to earth to guide the psychic. Some people even refer to these types of spirit guides as “guardian angels’, of the Christian type.
  2. “Ascended” Master Spirit Guides. If you know Krishna, Buddha and Jesus, well these revered spiritual beings are actually referred to by many psychics to be their “ascended masters”. Well, these guides are definitely not the usual spirits, because they are there to help not just the individual psychic, but also all of mankind.
  3. Animal Spirit Guides. Animals have long been revered by ancient tribes and psychics, because they too possess spirits or souls, and they also have a deeper attachments with their human friends or masters. The native American Indians for example, have been known to create animal totems, which not only provide guidance but also protection from sickness, accidents and other evil spirits.

How To Call A Spirit Guide

If you strongly feel that you have a spirit guide helping you out, or giving you advice, here are a few helpful ways on how to call them. First, sit in a quiet place, sit in a relaxing position, close your eyes, and breathe in and out.  Ease out all the tension in your body, and maintain your focus while breathing in and out. After a few minutes, start visualizing a bubble of light which surrounds you, and serves as a protective barrier. This should help to attract more positive energy, repel any negative or evil energies, and enable you to establish contact with your spirit guides.

To communicate with your spirit guide, stay focused, remain relaxed and wait for your spirit guide to make their presence, as well as their thoughts known to you. Let your mind flow as you communicate with your spirit guide, and also thank them for appearing before you, or by making their presence felt. After this initial contact with your spirit guide, there should be more opportunities in the future for you to talk, or communicate with them.  

Psychics are often hailed by many for their ability to connect with a higher spiritual realm, and communicate with spirits and souls of the departed. How are they able to do this? According to some observers, a psychic is able to do these unusual things, because they have "spirit guides" that help them. Here's more on what spirit guides are, and how they can help the psychic (and you). 

A "Disincarnate" Spirit

The more mainstream Spiritualist Church today defines spirit guides as entities which remain "disincarnate", so that they could protectors, and guide, the living. For Christians, spirit guides could be associated with angels, or saints and other enlightened people. Other psychics would usually stereotype these spirit guides with Chinese, Egyptian or Native American origins, because these cultures are generally popular for their ancient wisdom and cultural traditions. 

How Are They Helpful?

According to psychic phenomena researchers, spirit guides help in different ways. Some guides are known to stay with the psychic or the person throughout his or her entire life. Others however, will appear once in a while, and they'll  guide the individual at specific points or areas of their life. Some spirit guides will have physical manifestations or incantations, while others will just be plain spirits, who do not have any shape or form. Some of the spirit guides could also be  deceased family members or relatives. Here are the other ways that spirit guides can help psychics, and ordinary mortals.

Provide Intuitive Insight – Spirit guides could send flashes, or waves of "intuition, which would often sound like a mysterious voice popping into your head. Some thoughts or messages appear out of nowhere, but they contain valuable information (once you're able to piece together the otherwise-meaningless messages or visions).  

Send Signs – Spirit guides can also alert the psychic or the individual, to something that they need to know or see about. The signs could be sent in different ways, from sudden flashes of visions, to giving the individual a sudden gut feel. If you suddenly feel that something terrible's going to happen, then be thankful to your spirit guide for warning you. 

Sending People Into Your Life – Spirit guides could also act as intermediaries, or matchmakers of sort, to the people they're protecting or guiding. They could nudge the individual into the direction that they want you to go, or arrange for something to happen to you, as well as arrange for you to meet someone you've never met before.

Now that you know how spirit guides can be of help, perhaps your next question would be – how do you connect with them? Well, first you need to listen to what your inner voice, or intuition says. To connect with your subconscious self, earn to meditate regularly, and allow your mind to free itself of all worldly worries or issues, and connect to the deepest recesses of your inner self. It would also be helpful if you follow your gut feeling. Remember that if you feel that something isn't right, it probably isn't. 


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