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Extra Sensory Perception

Extra Sensory Perception is known as the 6th Sense in which sensory perception information is perceived through means beyond the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

Extra Sensory Perception brings person information regarding the past, present or future.

The Term ESP is sometimes applied loosely and sometimes inaccurately to any psychic or paranormal psychic phenomenon.

ESP can be divided into two broad categories:

Both of these may be directed forward (precognition) and backward (Retrocognition). ESP does not include Psychokinesis (PK) or out of body experiences.

ESP does not function like a sense, there is no localization which governs other senses that receive information through various parts of the body nor dies it depend on the other five senses of the body. It also does not depend on other factors such as geography, time, intelligence, age or education.

Forms of ESP

How information travels from the second reality to the conscious mind depends on the following:
The condition that exists at the moment the information becomes available.
The Natural Proclivities for ESP in the individual
The Colorations and distortions created by prejudices, thoughts, and conditionings.

Who Has ESP?

In all types of paranormal gifts, the evidence is strong that the exceptional ability is inherited. Throughout history, those renowned for being priests, prophets, oracles, psychics and diviners were noted to be born with the powers of ESP and often also had family members who possessed a similar gift.

One theory holds that ESP is a primordial sense that has become less accessible as civilization and technology have advanced; another theory holds that it is a super sense that is evolving in the nervous system.

Psychical Research supports the theory that all people have the capacity for ESP, and can develop this psychic ability. To develop esp you guess using our Psychic Test and record how often you are right. Though some are born more talented at ESP than others.

Most people have at least one ESP experience in their lives.

Studies have shown that certain environmental, emotional and attitudinal factors affect ESP performance in the laboratory. People who are relaxed, believe in the possibility of ESP, and are intuitive by nature and tend to perform better than those who are tense, skeptical, and analytical.

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