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Your body is made up of its physical appearance and the energy it emits. The energy of your body is expressed in terms of your aura. Physical appearance obviously is easily seen. Aura is something only skilled psychics can see and interpret. There is however a lot of mistaken beliefs about a person’s aura and how they are interpreted.

Aura is something a psychic cannot actually see. Rather it is something perceived by the psychic’s sixth sense. Once perceived, the psychic can then derive information from a person’s aura. Your aura varies as your thoughts and mood changes. Thus, when you have an aura reading, a psychic will only get a bird’s eye view of your personality but she will be able to sense or detect that something is wrong with your energy as a result of a lingering problem.

How would you benefit from an aura reading?

Since some of your problems keep on manifesting continuously, you might want a psychic to finally help you addressed them once and for all. These problems that you have will continue to manifest as blockages in the centers of your energy.

 Having an aura reading will be able to detect these problems. For instance, a recurring blockage in your energy centers points to fact that you have trust issues. Perhaps you always find it difficult to trust somebody to the point where your trust issues start to be a hindrance to your falling in love. With an aura reading, a psychic will be able to provide you with affirmations so you can live a happier and healthier life.

Whatever blockages a psychic will be able to detect and cure in your aura, permanent healing of the issues or problems will all depend on you. The psychic can show you the way and lead you to the right path. Perhaps she will be able to provide a short term solution. The ultimate healing based on the direction provided by the psychic is your sole responsibility.

How to Analyze Auras

Among the different psychic abilities, clairvoyance is a skill that more and people are really interested about.  What is clairvoyance? According psychic researchers, clairvoyance is a French word which means “clear seeing”, and it's literally the ability to visualise things that are happening somewhere else.  Clairvoyants also have the ability to see and sense auras.  Here's a look at how psychics see, and analyze a person's aura.

What Is An Aura?

The human aura is defined as an energy field which surrounds  the physical body, in all directions, and will have a three-dimensional (3D) look and feel.  Mystics and psychics all over the world agree that  each person has an aura, and some psychics have experienced seeing lights above or around a person's head.  It is also widely believed that children are good at sensing ans experiencing auras. A child's vision of an aura is usually translated in their drawings and illustrations.  Auras also vary in shade and color.  An aura's color usually reflects the subtle energies which surround the individual.

What Weakens a Person's Aura?

A person's aura can actually be weakened, or severely damaged by a number of factors.  Psychic researchers say that the human aura can be weakened by stress, the use of drugs and alcohol, poor diet, lack of exercise and rest, lack of fresh air, inappropriate physical activity and negative habits. If a person constantly dwells on the things that make him or her unhappy, stressful and depressed, his aura will certainly diminish in quality, and may result in a significant reduction of hisintuition.

The Colors of An Aura

Most psychics agree that a person's aura exhibits different shades and colors.  The colors denote something either constructive or destructive.  An aura's color can also indicate positive or negative moods, and it can offer  key insights on the person's mood, maturity, health, personality, as well as other physical and spiritual aspects. The colors of an aura can be anything withing the rainbow colors, and each color will have its own meaning.  For example, red indicates strong energy, strong passion and will.  Too much red will indicate imbalance, nervousness, aggression or impulsiveness.   Orange indicates courage, joy and sociability.  Too much of it though may indicate pride, vanity and worry.  Yellow indicates optimism, wisdom and intellect.  Too much yellow will indicate excessive thinking, and being overly critical.  Green reflects sensitivity and growing compassion, growth and warmth.  Muddled shades of green indicate miserliness and uncertainty.  Blue reflects calm and quietness, while muddled shades of blue reflect worrying, fearfulness, oversensitivity and forgetfulness. 

If you wish to develop an ability to see auras, there are a number of exercises that can help you achieve this.  One visualisation technique is called the Cleansing Vortex exercise, which is effective for sweeping out negative energy debris, and in preventing an imbalance in the person's auric field. First, the person takes a seated position, and performs deep breathing and other progressive relaxation exercises.  Next, visualise a small, crystal-white whirlwind that's twenty feet above you.  The whirlwind should have a funnel that's swirling through the crown of your head, and heading down the middle part of your body.  Feel and see the whirlwind moving over your body, and as it moves through you, and imagine it exiting through your feet down to the ground.

The Seven Layers of Aura

Aura is the energy that emits around the body. There are seven layers of this energy. Each layer has its own purpose. Each is interrelated as one layer can affect the other. A person’s holistic needs are defined in each of the following layers.
First of these layers is the Physical Auric Layer. This auric layer is all about the physical sensations. It involves physical pleasure, as well as health.

Second is the Vital Auric Layer. This auric layer is all about the rational mind. Each person is blessed with freewill but with it comes the responsibility to think before acting. The Vital Auric Body defines the need to be objective in deciding.
Third is the Etheric Auric Layer. This auric layer is about the emotions of the person in relation to his self and his respect for his own person. This layer defines the need of every humankind for self-esteem and love.

Fourth is the Astral Auric Layer. As Etheric Auric Layer is about oneself, this layer is about others. It defines the need of a person to have a healthy relationship not only with his self but also with others especially his family and friends.

Fifth is the auric body's Lower Mental Layer. This auric layer is about the Divine truth. It is the need to follow the Divine Being as it speaks from within. The Lower Mental Auric Body defines the need of the person to talk and walk the Divine truth.

Sixth is the auric body'd Higher Mental Layer. This auric layer is all about the highest form of love. Love on its spiritual level.
Seventh is the Spiritual Auric Layer. This auric layer is all about serenity. It defines the need of the person to be enlightened by the universal truth. It defines the need to be connected in the spiritual level with the universe.

Seventh is the Spiritual Auric Layer. This auric layer is all about serenity. It defines the need of the person to be enlightened by the universal truth. It defines the need to be connected in the spiritual level with the universe.


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