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Chinese Astrology Signs Compatibility 

Chinese astrology like Indian astrology is thousands years old. Chinese zodiac signs are based upon lunar cycle. Each astrological sign is represented by an animal. An individual is assigned his zodiac animal sign according to the year of his birth.

The general characteristics of the animal sign help in understanding the nature and personality of its subject. The influence of each animal sign lasts for one year and comes back after twelve years.

Chinese zodiac signs basically explain the typical traits of human nature. The twelve animal symbols are:

1. Rat

People born under this sign are generally humorous, large-hearted, attractive and ambitious.  They have an immense curiosity about everything.  Rat is compatible with Dragon and Monkey, but incompatible with Horse.

7. Horse

A person born under this sign is extrovert, adventurous, alert, free- spirited, highly alert, quick tempered, impatient and independent. Horse sign is compatible with Tiger and Dog and incompatible with Rat.

2. Ox

People with Ox as their zodiac sign are strong headed, powerful, reliable, honest and full of patience. They work methodically and are introverts. Ox is compatible with Snake and Rooster but incompatible with Ram.

8. Sheep/Goat

People with Sheep/Goat sign usually remain tense and worried. They are extremely sensitive, thoughtful and generous. Such people are creative and artistic by nature. This sign is compatible with Boar and Rabbit and incompatible with Tiger.

3. Tiger

Tigers are impulsive, fiercely independent, commanding, courageous, moody and assertive by nature. This sign is compatible with Horse and Dog and incompatible with Monkey.

9. Monkey

A person bearing this sign is cunning, shrewd, agile and gregarious by nature. He lacks self-control. Monkey sign is compatible with Dragon and Rat but incompatible with Tiger.

4. Rabbit

A rabbit is a shrewd and sensitive creature. A person  born under this sign tends to remain aloof and thinks twice before he  leaps.   Rabbit is compatible with Ram and Boar and incompatible with Rat.

10. Rooster

People born under this sign are efficient, intelligent and methodical in everything they do. They are also honest, reliable, outspoken, loyal and trustworthy. Rooster is compatible with Snake and Ox and incompatible with Rabbit.

5. Dragon

A person born under this sign is a born leader. He is intelligent, strong, confident, multi-faceted and reliable. Dragon is compatible with Rat and Boar and incompatible with Dog.

11. Dog

Dogs, we all know, are honest, loyal, intelligent and selfless creatures and so are the people born under this sign. A Dog sign is incompatible with Dragon and compatible with Tiger and Horse.

6. Snake

A snake is a crafty seducer, intelligent, independent, intuitive, jealous and ridden with a sense of insecurity. Snake is compatible with Ox and Rooster and incompatible with Boar.

12. Pig

A pig is a sincere but a lazy animal. Pigs are honest, scrupulous and stubborn creatures.  Pig is compatible with Ram and Rabbit but incompatible with Snake.

Dragon is highly respected animal in Chinese astrology.

The sign that rules the year determines the general characteristics and conditions of the people. It also determines the relationships of the people with each other. The year of Dragon generally brings health, wealth and prosperity to the people born under this sign and the society in general. It must be interesting to note that while certain creatures like rats are considered   despicable in most societies around the world and deserve to be killed, they are not hated in Chinese astrology. A rat, which may be a word of abuse in some societies, is a generous, intelligent, humorous and ambitious creature. Studying Chinese astrology can change our perspective on animals and their characteristics.

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