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Psychic Experience

A psychic experience provides an awesome feeling of magic and wonder when you find yourself surcharged with a current of exhilarating energy. You may enjoy the psychic experience directly or vicariously.

psychic experienceDirect psychic experiences are always more powerful, educative, and enduring.

For example, you bought a really pretty and precious diamond ring for your spouse for his/her birthday and intended to keep it at a secure place. Suddenly you get an urgent call from your office and in a hurry you put the ring at a different place before you leave for office and then forget all about it.

The happy day arrives and just before the appointed time, you look into the originally intended 'secure' niche only to find the ring missing. The dream of beautifying the occasion is shattered and the celebrations according to you are spoilt leaving you in a bad mood. Your spouse, however, understands and relaxes you with his/her assurance that the ring would ultimately be found out. The partying ends happily even without the ring ceremony. After going to bed you try to reconstruct the events leading to the misplacement of the ring and suddenly you get a flash of the niche where the ring was unintentionally placed.

The sudden call from your office had, some how, unnerved and tensed you to act in a huff. Your subconscious mind, like a computer directed by your fingers moving unconsciously at the key board, stored the your original plan to keep the ring at a particular place. Now that your conscious mind is relaxed, the subconscious brings forth the lost sequence of events. This is the case of direct psychic experience.

A similar state of relaxation can be brought about by inducing the relaxed state of mind through hypnosis or trance leading to the same happy discovery. This may be termed as vicarious psychic experience. It may be noted that the solution to the problem has been found out only through a relaxed state of mind, whether induced or occurring naturally.

This is the secret of the truly psychic mind that works wonders in many areas of problem resolution. The methods or the tools like

and above all the most potent trance and many more are the products of and work in a relaxed state of mind and this is what all the meditation and psychic experiences are about.

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