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Psychic Experiences Shared

My Psychic Experience
by Samantha

Almost 3 years ago, in March of 2005, I had some unusual things happen to me. My parents were seperated, and my dad was really depressed. He was in therapy and taking medicines prescribed to him. My dad and I were very close. After a few months him and my mother finally started talking again. They were also in couples therapy. Part of my dad's treatment included meds, but before they were prescribed he had to have a full physical and health evaluation. He was given a clean bill of health. One night after they had returned from therapy we enjoyed a good visit with them before my mom and sister left. I fell asleep on the couch for a while. I woke up a short time later, as did my dad. When I was about to go to bed, I had this really bad feeling about the coming day. The dogs were barking at something outside and my dad told me to let them in. Normally I would have told him to, after all he was up already, but I had this feeling that wouldn't go away. So I didn't argue with him. He left for work the next day before I woke up. Around noon my mom, who was visiting, received a call that he had been in an accident. I knew at that moment he was gone. My mom went to the hospital, and brought the hospital chaplain back to break the news to me and my sister. My dad had died of a heart attack. He had just turned 44. It freaked me out that I knew something was going to happen, especially since there were no signs otherwise.

Three months later, my paternal grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. He was given 6-12 months to live. I knew he wouldn't last that long. Even though he was still eating normally and mobile, I told my mom that he wouldn't make it past July. Sure enough he died July 27.

Last not but least. In December of that same year, while I was in boot camp over 600 miles away, I had a dream. In my dream a member of my former church was standing in some snowy woods. A week later I received a letter from my mom informing me that this same member had died. Most interesting part? He had a stroke while chopping wood for his wood stove. Intuition? Coincidence? I don't know. Kinda scary though. I was a young adult with no psychic training.


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