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Psychic Experience Communicating with Spirits

By Kaitlin I

When I was about 11 years old I remember a drive home and I had this feeling I couldn’t shake of being in a car crash so I told mum to stop the car but of course she didn’t listen and we spun off the road.

Five years later (now) at the age of 16 I hear and see people that are no longer here. I can’t quite hear or make out what it is they are saying but in time I will. I first started seeing faces in almost everything, now I see a full body so I can only expect it to continue more strongly. Also sometimes I will have dreams and it will happen the next day exactly like my dream so I can see through my dreams a day ahead.

I’m just not entirely sure why it is they have chosen me. I’m not the strongest person emotionally for this kind of experiences but I’m doing the best I can to grasp this gift and try and make it out what they want me to do.

On the 19th of November 2008 I heard a voice for the first time that actually made sense; it was about my dead nana’s house and to tell my mum about her house and chickens. So I did and my mum said it would have been her father because her cockatiel just had eggs but is neglecting them so she was wondering what her dad did to incubate the chickens eggs as a child. And it turned out he used cotton wool buds in a fry pan with minimal heat.

I expect that in the future I'll get more details off the person so it makes more sense but my mother found a lot of closure in hearing from him.

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