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Psychic Dreams Experience

Special thanks to Katrina for sharing her Psychic Dream Experiences

My dreams are many and my feelings often. To be honest at the moment I wish they would just go away.

I have always had these strange feelings, kind of like you sense what’s going on even though no one has said anything. Sometimes it’s a feeling of dread, and then you hear that someone you know has died.

Sometimes there are dreams, but they are real too, it’s weird I know. It’s like you wake up and you know what you have just dreamt is a fact. I dreamt of my neighbour, I haven’t seen her for months. In my dream, her house was being packed up and sold – she was dead. The next day I went to her house, she was in hospital, had terminal cancer and died shortly after.

I dreamed of my dad. Strangely this is one dream where I can never recall the details of the dream, but I remember the next morning I told my husband of the dream and told him I thought my dad was going to die. He was gone within the year.

For many years I dreamed of 2 different houses, one was 2 storey and it always caught on fire, the other had a secret room, but in this room there was a little girl spirit (?) but evil, so no one could go in there as moments after you stepped in the room went cold and a feeling of dread consumed you. After we moved house I never dreamed those dreams again.

Recently I dreamed of a motorcycle accident, straight road, two bikes, one all black, and one helmet black, shipping container on the side of the road up ahead. Rider’s dead, bodies bad. Family with small children drove past the crash site, dream stopped.

That was it, nothing before, nothing after – a 30 second dream.

A family member’s partner has a bike, so I asked him to be careful. Now I think it was more likely that it was saying their relationship is in trouble.

Sometimes I get these feelings. I can’t explain them. They inhabit me. I know something’s going on, sometimes I know what quite quickly, and sometimes it takes a while, depending on the situation. But the worst thing is they are always things that aren’t good. Sometimes I probably shouldn’t even be aware of them because they don’t really involve me, but I can’t seem to stop.

People think I am weird, except my younger daughter who seems to notice things as well.

I drove up a street the other week with her in the car, and she commented that she really hated going anywhere near that street. Long before she was born, there had been shootings there.

For a few years, it was like I had flicked a switch and the dreams stopped, so did the feelings. Then my daughter bought a young man home who somehow flicked it back on. Why? I have no idea. I wish he hadn’t.

I have never told anyone this much before, but I feel the need to send this to someone, so I apologise for taking up your time.


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