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An Out of the Body Psychic Experience and Paranormal Phenomenon


My brother Michael lived in Ireland and he passed away in 2003. I went to Dublin to visit him in the hospital and after a week had to return to Australia. When I came home he died about 3 weeks after and of course I was very sad but not heart broken. We had never been close to each other and in fact we had a very difficult relationship with each other since before we were teenagers.

I was very rebellious and was very irresponsible. He went to university and became a dentist and was always very snobbish towards me and very negative, always putting me down and criticising me. After he died, my life carried on and one night I was surfing on the net and thinking of Michael at the same time. I logged on to a porn website and although I felt a little guilty I was enjoying the photos.

I started to feel weird and felt this overpowering presence of Michael and I had the television on at the same time. Then the television started to turn itself on and off for about 15 minutes with no apparent reason as I was not touching it. I felt this intense feeling of being scolded and guilty about being on the porn site. The television kept turning on and off until I logged out of the porn site.

Later in the evening I was in bed and the presence was still there. As a matter of fact I was not frightened and in mind I talked to Michael. I then looked at my bedroom mirror and in the left hand top of it there was this white light shaped like a candle burning I looked at the light and felt a warm feeling inside of me. I did not fear it in any way and I eventually went to sleep. The next day I knew that Michael had visited me and made his opinion known and for a few days after I felt his presence in the house, it gradually diminished and went away.

Over my life I have had many tragic events, many self inflicted and many caused by others I have also done bad things to other people not intentionally but turned out that way and I am full of regret and remorse for doing so. I have not been a very nice person although I have always felt there was an inner conflict within me and at times felt I was being controlled in some spiritual way.

I am a very loving, caring guy who really hates to see other people being hurt or abused either physically or emotionally. I had a very unhappy marriage for 15 years but have 3 great children who I love very much. Many times in the past I have felt impending feelings of sadness and doom and have felt that I could not read other peoples thoughts but had an insight to what they were thinking. I have also had experiences of exhilaration and happiness and this was sometimes because my life was going well but also what was happening to others. I have had experiences of visions in my head of people who have passed on and visiting me and have had a few experiences of having out of body experiences.

One which particular stands out happened years ago when I was in my mid-twenties. I had been discharged from the British Marines suffering from post traumatic stress after being blown up in Ireland during the troubles and losing 2 of my section who were obliterated by the explosion. I was strongly dreaming about them and I left my body and found my self going up these stairs in the heavens and near the top a kind man in his 60’s stopped me and told me to go back as it was not my time. I remember  breathing very slow and laboured as if it was going to stop and immediately I re-entered my body I sat bolt upright in my bed as if I had been given an electric shock.

I was very calm and felt safe and warm and I feel back into a Leep sleep. I often feel as if I am having spiritual events in my mind but am unable to put them into any logical sequence or understanding. I have tried to be as objective as far as I can in this letter and wanted to share it with you

Yours sincerely


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