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Tarot Spreads

If you are still a student or beginner at tarot card reading, one essential requirement before proceeding to the next level is mastery of the tarot spreads. 

When one hears this term, it depicts only one thing, and it is the arrangement of the tarot card laid over the table.

What makes a tarot spread important? 

Simply put, tarot spreads determine the arrangement of the cards that tell the tarot card reader where to begin the reading.  A tarot card can change or can have a reversed meaning if they are placed alongside a specific card.  Depending on the location of the cards, one’s misfortune can become good fortune, and another’s luck can change one’s another card negates it.  It is already up to the tarot card reader how to interpret the cards laid out before him.

The type of tarot spread could also determine the reading one will get.  There are spreads specific to relationships and problems regarding communication in a couple, long distance affairs, and more.  There are also those that deal with careers and jobs.  Some help in the finding of Mr. or Ms. Right and fulfil one’s dreams of finding their romantic partners, lovers, or soul mates.  Other spreads may help in one’s difficult decisions, guide in growing as a person, and direction’s movement through life.  Several tarot card readers have difficulty seeing and interpreting what they see in the cards and so to narrow this down, they use the spread based on the request or question of the client. Tarot cards do not offer a perfect solution but these cards give insights, suggestions, and pieces of advice to help a person change for the better and to see that missing ingredient to make everything in one’s life worthwhile.

Some tarot spreads might just consist of one card, two cards, three, five, or nine cards. 

A one-card spread is used to give an overview about the day ahead or to give a summary of the day that passed.  Two-card spreads help one prioritize between two options.  This is helpful in instances when a person cannot decide where to put more of his focus into. 

Three-card spreads give insight about three connected issues or aspects in life.  It can give interpretations about present, past, and future; spirit, body, and mind; or challenges, ideas, and advantages of a person. 

The most commonly used spread is known as the Celtic cross which contains ten cards arranged in a circular manner with a line across.  This gives a complete reading with descriptions about obstacles and challenges that a person might encounter and is the spread that most beginners in tarot reading use.  Advanced and expert tarot card readers use larger spreads with multiple decks for their readings and there are many of these spreads available for choosing in the internet.

There are also tarot spreads that help reveal chakras or energies surrounding the person, spreads based on one’s birthday, zodiac, and more.  The number of tarot spreads might make you confused as to what to choose.  In these situations, just ask the tarot card reader the question and it will be up to her to answer it.


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